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Our company offer a comprehensive range of solutions to accelerate your enzyme discovery and design process. Our services are designed to provide you with efficient and effective tools to optimize enzyme performance and meet your specific research or industrial needs.

Our Services:

• AI-guided Enzyme Design:
Our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and computational modeling techniques enable us to design novel enzymes with enhanced catalytic activity, specificity, and stability. We harness the power of AI to accelerate the enzyme design process and generate tailored solutions for various applications.

• Genome Mining:
Our experts utilize state-of-the-art genomic analysis tools to explore diverse microbial genomes and identify potential enzyme candidates. By mining the vast genetic resources available, we can discover enzymes with unique properties and functionalities for your specific requirements.

• Variant Library, Gene, and Plasmid Synthesis:
We offer comprehensive services for constructing variant libraries, synthesizing genes, and generating plasmids for high-throughput enzyme engineering. Our streamlined processes ensure efficient and accurate construction of libraries to facilitate rapid screening and optimization.

• HTP Enzyme Assay Development:
We develop high-throughput enzyme assays tailored to your specific needs. These assays enable rapid screening and characterization of enzyme variants, allowing for efficient identification of enzyme candidates with desired properties.

• AI-guided Precise HTP Library Screening:
Our AI algorithms assist in the design and execution of high-throughput screening campaigns, ensuring precise and targeted screening of variant libraries. This approach significantly enhances the efficiency of the screening process, leading to the identification of superior enzyme variants.

• Enzyme Stabilization:
We employ advanced protein engineering strategies to enhance the stability of enzymes under various conditions, such as temperature, pH, and solvent tolerance. Our goal is to improve enzyme robustness and prolong their functional lifespan.

• Enzyme Immobilization:
We specialize in enzyme immobilization techniques, which involve attaching enzymes to solid supports or surfaces. Immobilized enzymes offer advantages such as increased stability, reusability, and ease of separation, making them ideal for industrial applications.

• Enzyme Supply:
We provide a reliable source of high-quality enzymes for research, development, and industrial purposes. Our extensive enzyme collection covers a wide range of activities and specificities, ensuring that you have access to the enzymes you need for your projects.

Why Choose Us?

• Comprehensive Solution:
Our services cover the entire enzyme discovery and design process, providing a one-stop solution for all your needs. From AI-guided enzyme design to enzyme supply, we offer a seamless and integrated approach, saving you time and effort in coordinating multiple service providers.

• Expertise and Experience:
Our team consists of experienced scientists and experts in enzyme discovery and design. We have a deep understanding of enzyme structure-function relationships, molecular biology techniques, and cutting-edge technologies. With our expertise, we can deliver high-quality results and valuable insights for your enzyme projects.

• Customization and Optimization:
We understand that every enzyme project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need enzymes with specific activities, stabilities, or other characteristics, we collaborate closely with you to optimize the enzyme design process and deliver customized solutions.

Our One-stop Enzyme Discovery and Design Services are tailored to accelerate your research and development efforts, providing you with efficient and effective solutions for enzyme discovery, optimization, and production. We are committed to delivering high-quality results and partnering with you to achieve your scientific and commercial objectives. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore how our services can benefit you.

Reference: Robinson, PK. Enzymes: principles and biotechnological applications. Essays Biochem. 2015. 59: p. 1-41.

Fig. 1. Representation of substrate binding to the active site of an enzyme molecule. (Robinson, PK. 2015)

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