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Our company is a premier company specializing in the cutting-edge field of enzyme design and engineering. With our expertise and innovative approaches, we provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Overview of De Novo Enzyme Design:

Enzyme De Novo Enzyme Design, also known as computational enzyme design or rational enzyme design, is a scientific approach to creating new enzymes with desired properties and functionalities from scratch, without relying on existing enzymes as starting points. It involves using computational tools, algorithms, and modeling techniques to design enzymes with specific catalytic activities, substrate specificities, stabilities, and other characteristics.

Our Services:

Here's an introduction to our De Novo Enzyme Design Services:

• Designing Enzymes for Novel Substrate Classes:
We excel in designing enzymes that can efficiently catalyze reactions involving novel substrate classes. By utilizing computational tools and rational design approaches, we can engineer enzymes to recognize and convert substrates that were previously inaccessible, enabling novel biochemical transformations and expanding the scope of enzymatic reactions.

• Enzyme Design for Chiral Synthesis:
Our expertise lies in designing enzymes for chiral synthesis, where we focus on developing biocatalysts that can selectively generate single enantiomers of chiral compounds. Through rational design and computational modeling, we create enzymes with enhanced stereoselectivity, enabling efficient and environmentally friendly production of enantiopure compounds.

• Computational Design of Non-Natural Enzyme Functions:
We offer computational design services to engineer enzymes with non-natural functions. Using advanced algorithms and molecular modeling techniques, we can reprogram existing enzymes or design entirely new enzyme scaffolds to perform desired reactions that do not occur naturally. This opens up possibilities for enzymatic transformations beyond what is found in nature.

• De Novo Enzyme Design for Green Chemistry:
Our focus on green chemistry involves the design of enzymes that enable sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical processes. By designing enzymes with improved catalytic efficiency, stability, and selectivity, we contribute to the development of greener manufacturing processes, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and minimizing waste generation.

• Engineering Enzymes with Altered Stereochemistry:
We specialize in engineering enzymes to alter their stereochemistry, allowing for the production of compounds with specific stereochemical configurations. Through rational design and directed evolution approaches, we can modify enzyme active sites and binding pockets to achieve the desired stereochemical outcomes, enabling precise control over the synthesis of complex molecules.

Why Choose Us?

• Customization and Precision:
Unlike traditional methods that rely on modifying existing enzymes, our De Novo Enzyme Design Services start from scratch, allowing for unparalleled customization. We can design enzymes with precise properties, functionalities, and substrate specificities tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This level of customization provides a significant advantage over conventional approaches.

• Innovation and Novelty:
Our De Novo Enzyme Design Services enable the creation of entirely new enzymes that may not exist in nature. This innovative approach allows us to explore uncharted territory and design enzymes with novel capabilities, expanding the possibilities for our clients. By pushing the boundaries of enzyme design, we unlock new opportunities for scientific advancements and industrial applications.

• Time and Cost Efficiency:
Traditional enzyme design methods often involve laborious trial-and-error experimentation, which can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, our De Novo Enzyme Design Services leverage computational modeling, simulation, and advanced algorithms to accelerate the design process. By leveraging the power of computation, we can rapidly screen and optimize enzyme designs, saving substantial time and reducing overall costs.

• Targeted Optimization:
Our approach allows for targeted optimization of enzymes to meet specific requirements. We can fine-tune enzyme properties such as catalytic efficiency, substrate selectivity, stability, and other characteristics based on our clients' needs. This targeted optimization ensures that the designed enzymes are precisely tailored to deliver optimal performance in the desired applications.

Choosing our De Novo Enzyme Design Services, you can benefit from a highly customizable, innovative, and efficient approach to enzyme design. We offer targeted optimization, flexibility, expertise, and collaboration, empowering our clients to unlock the full potential of enzymes for their specific applications. Contact us to get our services now.

Reference: Saikia, J.; et al. Minimalist De Novo Design of an Artificial Enzyme. ACS Omega. 2022. 7(23): p. 19131-19140.

Fig. 1. De novo designed tri-peptide (HPh). (Saikia, J.; et al. 2022)

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