DTK-240 / GTK-240 Fuel Tank

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Model Number: DTK-240/GTK-240
Size: 220Liters
Material: HDPE
Dimensions: 910x600x665 mm
Rated Power: 0.21HP/155W
Rated Current: 22 amps
Suction hose: 4m

Light and compact Portable Fuel Tank equipped with a fuel transfer unit. The DTK240/GTK240 240L poly fuel tank is a workhorse for the forestry, construction, roadwork, and agricultural industry. The locking lid means it can be left at a cabin, job site, or in the bed of a vehicle. Features include automatic dispensing nozzle, fuel level indicator, 2-inch filling plug with safety vent, and built-in forklift pockets.


• Heavy-duty rugged built poly construction
• Built-in forklift pockets for easy lifting
• Pre-molded recesses with ratchet straps for transportation
• Lockable lid for fuel pump and accessories
• 2-inch filling plug with safety vent for pressure, de-pressure, and overturning
• Automatic diesel dispensing nozzle
• Fuel level indicator


Q: What color options of this tank do you have?
We can customize the color of the appearance of the tank according your need.

Q. Can you add an flow meter to this tank?
Yes. Our standard tank doesn’t have a flow meter. But we can change the fuel nozzle to AC-15 Fuel Measuring Nozzle or install an flow meter inside the tank.