Bolted Bonnet Piston Check Valve, 1 Inch, 800 LB, API 602

Swing Check Valve
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Discover a reliable bolted bonnet check valve from a trusted provider. This high-quality piston-type valve boasts a 1-inch size, suitable for 800 LB applications, adhering to API 602 standards. With DN25 and PN130 specifications, it complies with ASME B16.34 and features a robust ASTM A105N body, complemented by F6A trim. The socket weld end ensures secure installation. Explore this top-notch valve for your industrial needs.

800 LB Forged Piston Check Valve, API 602, 1 INCH, 800 LB, SW, A105 Body, F6A Trim

Valve Description:
1853007 API 602 Forged Piston Check Valve 1P8SA10508
Design Standard: API 602, ASME B16.34
Structure: Bolted Bonnet
Nominal size: 1 Inch
Nominal class: 800 LB
Bore: Regular Bore
End Connection: SW-Socket Weld End
Operation: /
Body Material: ASTM A105N
Trim Material: F6A+STL, No.8
Face to face: Manufacturer Standard
Test and inspection: API 598
Key Features: Fully guided solid disc, Piston Type (Swing type available)

Product Range:
Body material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex steel, Alloy
Normal diameter: 1/2-2 Inch (DN15 - DN50)
Pressure range: 800-2500 LB
End connection: SW, NPT, BSP
Working temperature: -29℃ - +400℃
Operation: /