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TRAY FRUITS & VEGETABLES DRYING MACHINE produced by our company consists of several trays with holes, cabinet type. All elements of the equipment that come into direct interaction with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which allows you to produce a quality product and extend the life of the machine. A distinctive feature of our equipment is the ability to regulate and set a specific temperature in the drying chamber—the gradual increase in temperature during drying results in a high-quality product. When adjusting the heat value in a cabinet-type dryer, trays containing 27 pieces are placed inside the cabinet. Products, pre-cut and laid out on baking sheets, are placed in the dryer manually. Depending on the product type, products left in the dryer for 4 to 12 hours are taken out and dried. Products such as apple type include min. 80-100 kg of product comes out dried 15-20 kilograms; these values ​​differ from product to product. In products with high moisture content, such as oranges, 5% of the product comes out. Excess moisture in the chambers is removed using a fan system.

Tray Fruits & Vegetables Drying Machine works with electricity. Our products have TSE, CE, and CSA qualifications and competence certificates.

Technicial Specifications:

Length: 2540 mm
Width: 2312 mm
Height: 2540 mm
Fuel Type: Electricity