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Coffee Grinders
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Coffee grinders can be produced according to the desired capacity needs. Full stainless and semi-chrome options are available. You can obtain all kinds of coffee beans, such as Espresso, Filter Coffee, and Turkish Coffee from ground coffee with coffee grinders. Due to the adjustable blade head, you can ground the coffee beans in the desired size. The product is entered manually, and the ground coffee is filled into the product hopper located in front of the outlet. Therefore, the grinder is an indispensable part of the coffee production process. We also have machine options that include other coffee processes, which we call Coffee Roasting, De-Stoner (Stone, Iron Extractor), and After-Burner. Our products have TSE, CE, and CSA qualifications and competence certificates.

How to Use:

Firstly, roast the coffee beans in a Coffee Roasting Machine with the capacity that suits you. Secondly, put them in the grinder manually. After this process, time to collect the ground coffee from the hopper in front of the machine.

Production Capacity:

Available Capacities: 15 KG/H – 20 KG/H – 30 KG/H – 60 KG/H – 120 KG/H

Technicial Specifications:

Fuel Type: Electricity