Single Teat Calf Feeding Bucket

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• It is produced of CO-PP plastic raw material in accordance with nourishment, dirt-repellent, easy to clean, impact-resistant.
• Body design is formed by flat shapes in order to able to easy to clean and prevent bacterial reproduction.
• The capacity of 8 liter.
• Liter indicators can be seen inside the body as well.
• It can be carried easily by virtue of its handle.
• It can be easily assembled on wherever you want by using bracket apparatus supplied with.
• The teat is made of rubber material suitable for nourishment.
• Thanks to its special cut, it does not drip when the calf does not suck.
• The valve holding the teat fulfils as a pump when
• By this means, milk output is easy and breastfeeding is provided until the milk in the bucket is finished.