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The Konica 1024i MHE-D printhead is a high-performance inkjet printhead designed for industrial printing applications. It is manufactured by Konica Minolta, a leading company in the printing industry.

The 1024i MHE-D printhead features a high-density nozzle array with 1024 nozzles and a small droplet size of 3 picoliters. This allows for precise and detailed printing, making it suitable for applications such as textile printing, sign and display graphics, packaging, and more.

The printhead is compatible with a wide range of inks, including solvent, UV, and aqueous inks, providing flexibility for different printing requirements. It also has a durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding production environments.

Overall, the Konica 1024i MHE-D printhead is a reliable and efficient printing solution, offering high-quality output and versatility for various industrial printing applications.

To be used with: Flora PP3200 UV

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It is compatible with water based ink and uv ink