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Kilikya Organic Turnip
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Kilikya Organic Turnip; according to the organic farming only Ere─čli in Turkey are produced from black carrots grown in the province. The effect of black carrot size used in turnip production on turnip quality. Carefully selected black carrots are prepared for production by washing, cleaning and sorting in our production facilities. First cleaned black carrots are cut into fermentation tanks. Dried carrots are grown in accordance with organic farming and prepared for turnip, the salt is added to the fermentation for an average of 45 days by adding salt. The fermentation process is completed by our organic turnip food engineers in our quality control laboratory for titrimetric analysis and sensory analysis such as color, smell, taste.

Organic Turnip, which is passed through the sensory test and analysis phase, is mixed with organic hot pepper for those who prefer it filtered directly for the ones who prefer painlessly and taken to the filling tanks. The Organic Turnip found in the filling tanks is packed by hand with fully automatic filling machines, bottled and ready for drinking. The coloring agent is not used in Turnip production, the pigments that pass through the black carrots, which are unique to the turnip drink, are caused. It should be protected from sunlight and stored in a cool place. Because it is natural sediment, it should be shaken before drinking and it should be consumed cold. Shelf life is 12 months.

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