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Kilikya Turnips offer a wonderful drink experience created by black carrots. Turnip, black carrot, bulgur, water combination with a three-stage fermentation process obtained in a unique drink. Coloring agent is not used in Turnip production, it is caused by the pigments passing through the black carrot, which has its own unique Turnip flavor. Spicy and painless varieties taste every taste. Being indispensable for fish and kebab meals, Lahmacun is preferred with traditional tastes such as raw meatballs. Turnip is a natural, unadulterated and healthy indispensable drink that can be consumed in every season. It is the healthiest gift you can give your loved ones. Kilikya Turnip does not contain gluten. It is a healthy drink that with celiac disease, gluten-sensitive people, prefer gluten-free diet and gluten diet. It should be protected from sunlight and stored in a cool place. Because it is natural sediment, it 4should be shaken before drinking and it should be consumed col. Shelf life is 12 months. In addition to the nutritive properties of the ingredients that make up Turnip composite, which is also seen as a functional beverage there are many benefits due to the richness of vitamins and minerals. Turnip is a special place in Turkish culinary culture and is the best known drink of Çukurova region.

15 features of Fermented Carrot Juice to not missing of our life:

It does not contain sugar, cholesterol and gluten,
It renews the cells,
It strengthens the immune system.
Natural probiotic, facilitates digestion.
100 grams is 20 calories. It contains vitamins A-B-C.
Aphrodisiac features.
Contains Group Bvitamins, rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B3.
Adolescent apnea eczema helps with treatment.
It has lung and bronchial cleansing properties.
Removing toxins from the body and Helps to get rid of stress by removing from the cholesterol.
Helps against the Rheumatism and Podagra pain, kidney sand and stone fall.
It is useful for heart, vein and eye health.
It is useful for stomach and liver
Contains calcium, potassium, iron, milk acid, phosphorus and magnesium. Strengthens bones and teeth.
Antioxidant Cause Phenolic compounds and especially containe anthocyanins.
It was taken from Cukurova University Food Engineering and Doctors and Nutritionists research report on the Benefits of Turnip

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