Special Turnip 250ml Glass Bottle

Kilikya Special Turnip
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Kilikya Special Turnip, combined with the flavor created by black carrots and natural garlic, offers a magnificent beverage experience. Being indispensable for fish, kebab meals andlahmacun; it is also preferred with traditional tastes such as raw meatballs. Turnip is a natural, unadulterated and healthy drink that can be consumed in every season. It is a friend of taste with all meals whether you take it spicy or not.

It is the healthiest gift you can give your loved ones. Kilikya turnip does not contain gluten. It is a healthy drink for celiac patients, those with gluten sensitivity, who prefer gluten-free diet and who prefer gluten diet.

It should be protected from sunlight and stored in a cool place. Because it is natural sediment, it should be shaken before drinking and it should be consumed cold. Shelf life is 12 months.

Product Barcode: 8699036672347
Package Barcode: 18699036672344
Piece of Box: 24