KX98 Series Universal AC Motor

Universal AC Motor
KX98 Series
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Working Voltage: 100-240V

Characteristic: KX98 Series is a kind of Universial AC Motor with high power, high torque, high efficiency, low temperautre rising and long life-span. SMEC has capability to provide solution of cooling and quick braking system to meet customer's application requirement. Additionally, SMEC is capable of custom designing motors based on customer's unique electrical or mechanical requirement.

Model: KX98 Series

Application: Household or commercial appliances with high power and long life-span, such as Frappe Maker, Blender, Juicer, Grinder, Food Processor etc.

Performance for reference:

Model: KX98 Series
Diameter (mm): φ98
Input Voltage (V): 230
Output Power at Maximum Efficiency(W): 645
Speed at Maximum Efficiency(rpm): 11834
Torque at Maximum Efficiency(mNm): 521
Maximum Efficiency(%): 75