ZJ60 Series Shaded Pole AC Motor

Shaded Pole AC Motor
ZJ60 Series
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Working Voltage: 100-240V

Characteristic: The ZJ60 Series is a kind of Shade Pole AC Motor with the characteristics of high efficiency, low temperature rising, low noise, small vibration and long life-span. We can also provide solution of cooling, waterproof, and dustproof system to meet customer's application requirement.

Model: ZJ60 Series

Application: Household appliances and medical instruments, such as Can Opener, Ice Cream Maker, Fan, Air Purifier, Humidifier, Atomizer and Pump etc.

Performance for reference:

Model: ZJ60 Series
Diameter (mm): φ60
Input Voltage (V/Hz): 230/50
No-Load Power(W): 72
No-Load Speed(rpm): 2800
Power by Locked-Rotor (W): 114