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The spirit moves the clutch with compressed air for friction clutch that motive source. Used for needing to be delivered the big torque generally with turn round the directional equipments with the fast a transformation last, such as the petroleum artesian well machine, ships, large machine pressure, scoop out the machine, ball whet machine,rubber machine etc..

The Pneumatic tube clutch delivers to torque big. join together steady, easy to install, the absorb librate, can compensate a little amount lord, form move the stalk Cape face with path path face opposite be partial to move, from move part inertial and small, service life long, construction tightly packed, seal completely sex good. The Pneumatic material cost is high, usage temperature contain certain restrict, higher than 60℃ will lower Pneumatic life span, lower than -20℃ make the Pneumatic change the frailty easily. Pneumatic clutch engagement element used mainly friction dics and friction blocks etc..

Pneumatic tube clutch according to its construction form of different can is divided into the common type again is kinds of with well ventilated type.