Organic Cotton Trousers

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A denim fabric exclusively developed for us to evoke the feel of cashmere, this soft, buttery denim was made with your comfort in mind. With a higher rise, relaxed leg opening and a flattering straight leg fit, this pair is an effortless classic. The use of organic cotton fabric gives the pants a sense of sustainable fashion.

How We Made Organic Cotton Trousers

We use quality fabric for this trousers.

Organic cotton fabric has the same characteristics as regular cotton, breathable, easy to care and durable. Wearing organic cotton ensures people avoid allergies and skin concerns. It is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, and fertilizers. Growing organic cotton reduces environmental impacts and protects biodiversity.

We use piece dye for this trousers.

We always select our fabric suppliers from an environmental perspective first. CEF fabric orders are only made in fabric factories certified by Oeko-Tex or Blue Sign. This ensures that the fabric production process has a low impact on the environment, and at the same time ensures the safety of wearing.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this trousers.

The shape of the jeans is the key to a successful sale. We are well aware of this, so in this aspect, we keep close cooperation with the factory, and try on the models in each sample confirmation link. Our jeans are always in the right shape to satisfy our customers.

Specification of Organic Cotton Trousers

• Fabric has stretch in for added comfort
• Belt loops
• Button and fly fastening
• Handy pockets

What Our Customers Say

We follow the advice of CEF and change the normal cotton into organic cotton. Although the cost is slightly increased, it is generally affordable. It proved successful, sold well, and expanded the brand's influence in a sustainable fashion.

The order operation is smooth, the product quality meets the requirements and the delivery is on time.

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