DSP Fish Feed Extruder Machine

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Application: Fish, crab, shrimps farms, feed production workshop, etc.

DSP Fish Feed Extruder Machine Introduction:

DSP wet-type floating fish feed machine is mainly used to produce all kinds of floating or sinking aqua feed for fish, shrimp, eel, bullfrog, etc. It can also be adapted to produce feed pellets for a pet, such as a dog, cat, and so on. Raw materials for this machine can be corn, soybean meal, rice barn, fish meal, rice barn, etc. Sizes of final feed pellets range from 0.9 to 15mm. Wet-type fish feed pellet machine is mainly used in medium or large-size feed pellet plants and aquaculture farms. Using this wet type fish feed pelletizer machine production expanded feed particles, forming neat and smooth, floating over 12 hours don't sink water, polluting the water, sterilization to reduce fish disease.

DSP Fish Feed Extruder Machine Product Advantages:

1. The operating parts adopt the humanized design, which makes the machine easy to operate.

2. The size of the feed pellets can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers by changing different molds.

3. During the high-temperature and high-pressure granulation process, salmonella and bacterial infection can be killed, and the granules can be easily digested and absorbed.

4. The floating pellets made by this wet fish feed extruder are of high quality and can float on the water surface for more than 12 hours.

5. The boiler continuously provides hot steam to the conditioner to fully mature the raw materials and improve the nutritional value of pellet feed.

6. The key components are vacuum quenched, with high processing precision and long service life.

7. Widely used in fish feed pellet plants, crab feed pellet plant production lines, shrimp feed pellet plants, etc.

DSP Fish Feed Extruder Machine Working Principle:

The core of extruder machine work is: pretreatment, cooking, and die shaping. The boiler continuously provides hot steam to the conditioner, so that the mixture is fully cooked and the nutritional value is improved. The cooking process results in a high degree of gelatinization of the starch, resulting in good water stability of the feed. The fish feed extruder is a long barrel with an auger inside, specially designed to subject the feed mixture to high temperature and steam pressure. When the feed comes out of the mold at the end of the barrel, the trapped steam is quickly expelled, and the soft and warm pellets expand to produce low-density floating pellets. Afterward, cutting equipment cuts the shaped pellets into the required different lengths. The extruder is very versatile and can produce feed with many different characteristics.

Note: Our fish feed extruder is single screw design. The temperature of the pellets extruded by the granulator is about 80°C, and the moisture content is 18%-20%. If the output is more than 500kg/h, it needs to be equipped with a dryer and a cooler. For small volumes, you can place them in the sun to dry. After placing the order, we also provide the technical formula for making floating fish feed pellets.

DSP Fish Feed Extruder Machine Technical Parameters:

Model: DSP-60
Capacity (t/h): 0.18-0.2
Main power (kW): 15
Feeding power (kW): 0.4
Screw diameter (mm): 60
Cutting power (kW): 0.4
Conditioner (kW): 0.75
Size (mm): 1780*1250*1300
Weight (kg): 480

Model: DSP-70
Capacity (t/h): 0.25-0.3
Main power (kW): 18.5
Feeding power (kW): 0.6
Screw diameter (mm): 70
Cutting power (kW): 0.6
Conditioner (kW): 1.1
Size (mm): 2460*1550*1740
Weight (kg): 940

Model: DSP-80
Capacity (t/h): 0.35-0.4
Main power (kW): 22
Feeding power (kW): 1.1
Screw diameter (mm): 80
Cutting power (kW): 0.75
Conditioner (kW): 1.5
Size (mm): 2650*1450*1750
Weight (kg): 1000

Model: DSP-90
Capacity (t/h): 0.5-0.6
Main power (kW): 37
Feeding power (kW): 1.1
Screw diameter (mm): 90
Cutting power (kW): 1.1
Conditioner (kW): 2.2
Size (mm): 2600*2100*1900
Weight (kg): 2000

Model: DSP-120
Capacity (t/h): 0.7-0.8
Main power (kW): 55
Feeding power (kW): 1.1
Screw diameter (mm): 120
Cutting power (kW): 1.5
Conditioner (kW): 2.2
Size (mm): 3200*1950*1900
Weight (kg): 2200

Model: DSP-135
Capacity (t/h): 1.0-1.2
Main power (kW): 75
Feeding power (kW): 1.5
Screw diameter (mm): 135
Cutting power (kW): 2.2
Conditioner (kW): 3.0
Size (mm): 3750*1980*1800
Weight (kg): 2500

Model: DSP-160
Capacity (t/h): 1.8-2.0
Main power (kW): 90
Feeding power (kW): 2.2
Screw diameter (mm): 160
Cutting power (kW): 2.2
Conditioner (kW): 4.0
Size (mm): 6600*2800*2330
Weight (kg): 3800

Model: DSP-200
Capacity (t/h): 3.0-4.0
Main power (kW): 132
Feeding power (kW): 2.2
Screw diameter (mm): 200
Cutting power (kW): 3.0
Conditioner (kW): 5.5
Size (mm): 6600*2900*2350
Weight (kg): 4500


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