ONETEST - Wall-mounted air quality monitor AQM-80 PM2.5 / PM10 / TEMP / HUM / CO2 / VOC / CH2O RS485 output


The technologies have been upgraded to adapt to the fast-changing needs of the competitive market. As the manufacturing technologies advance, the performance of the finished AQM-80 PM2.5/PM10/TEMP/HUM/CO2/VOC/CH2O RS485output Wall-mounted air quality monitor has been improved a lot.It has an enormous effect on the field(s) of Gas Analyzers.

Measurement Range:
TEMP:-20 ~ 50℃
humidity:15~ 100%RH
CH2O:0~2 ppm
PM2.5:0~1.000 mg/m³
CO2:400~4000 ppm

Accuracy: Parameter table below
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Warranty: 1 year
Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Brand Name: KAINAFU
working environment: -10 ~ 50℃,15 ~ 95%RH
power input: DC5V,DC 12~24V,
data output: Modbus RS-485,9600bps
size: 86mmX86mmX35mm
CH20: 0~2 ppm
Type: Wall Mounted Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Model Number: AQM-80
storage environment: -20 ~ 60℃,15 ~ 95%RH
Power consumption: Wired output, the average is 600mW
wireless output: ZIGBEE, Lora, NB-IOT, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G optional
VOC: 0~5.00mg/m³
CO2: 400~4000 ppm

Default configuration: RS485 output + temperature, humidity, pm2.5, pm10, voc, CH2O, co2

AQM80 series multi-parameter atmospheric environment online detector is an online miniature air environment comprehensive index monitor independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Kanafu Technology Co., Ltd. It can be used to detect PM2.5, PM10, carbon dioxide ( CO2), formaldehyde (CH2O), temperature, humidity, TVOC and other parameters are very powerful and basically cover various indicators reflecting air quality. The instrument adopts imported sensors and computing chips, with high precision, high resolution and good stability.

2. Instrument use
The detector is suitable for embedded supporting and system integration of air environment monitoring equipment; such as air environment monitor, residential garden environment monitoring system, fresh air control system, air quality detector, air purification efficiency detector, home environment detection, vehicle air environment detector etc., can also be extended to general online detectors.

3. Features of the instrument
1.Large LCD display;
2.Wired output: RS485 industrial-grade signal output, long transmission distance, up to more than 1 km;
3.Wireless output: Lora, NB, 4G, WIFI, bluetooth, ZIGBEE, etc. (optional function)
4.The communication is stable and reliable, and the power supply is DC5V or DC12-24V;
5.Perfect anti-reverse, overvoltage, overcurrent and anti-interference protection capabilities;
6.Meticulous circuit software and hardware design, low failure rate and short stabilization time;
7.Original high-precision sensors and professional-grade signal processing chips to ensure the accuracy of sensor data;
8.Multi-directional aerodynamic ventilation through holes, the air flow is fully uniform, no need to consider the installation direction;
9.The measurable environmental parameters cover a wide range and can meet the needs of various testing environments;
10.The measurement parameters can be customized according to customer requirements, and the parameter combination is flexible and convenient;

1.2.Standard product formaldehyde detection method defaults to electrochemical detection method, TVOC detection method defaults to semiconductor detection method, and customized type can choose other detection principles.

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