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Taking it to the next level…

The G2 Evolution series of machines are the next generation in weigh & fill technology. With four different models to choose from, there is a machine that meets your project’s needs. No other machine in the world can come close to the flexibility and versatility of the G2. With its ability to pack clamshells, punnets, to-go cups, boxes, bags and multi-compartmented containers with multiple products or colors into the same pack, the G2 is a machine that every packing facility needs to keep up with today’s fast paced and ever-changing market demands. Even more important than the G2’s versatility, is its ability to be fast and efficient. With models capable of up to 250 cups per minute, the G2 has redefined what it means to be the next generation of weigh and fill technology. The G2 has raised the bar as the fastest, most gentle and reliable weigh and fill on the market.

Over the past 7 years, we have used our vast knowledge and experience, from sales of over 550 “Evolutions” worldwide, to lead the way in weigh and fill technology. This expertise has allowed us to be systematically focused when designing this next generation machine to be more gentle and easier to use than any other system in the industry.

When you are in business, you are in it to increase revenue. There is nothing more important than your equipment running day in and day out with little to no down time. With the proven track record of an A&B Evolution, that’s exactly what you get. Every piece of A&B equipment comes backed with an industry leading service team that is second to none. This translates to more throughput and less labor along with pallet loads of savings. When compared to the competition the “G2”, without doubt, will extend and increase your product’s quality, value and shelf life!

Features and Benefits:

Evolution G2:

• Sleek Design and Smaller Footprint
• Suspended Touchscreen Controls To Increases Operator Ergonomics
• New, Impact Absorbing Landing Pad
• Exclusive (3) Belt Cross Feed System with Diminishing Speeds
• Upgraded Lift System Allows you to open the system up with no need to move any feed conveyors.
• Advanced Quick Clamp Flow Adjustments
• Quick Change Scale Hoppers Allow for Standard or Low Profile Setups
• Enhanced Coarse Cup Design
• New, Easy to Clean Funnel System
• Improved Corrosion Resistances
• Packs 4.4oz to 4lbs Containers
• Capable of Packing Clamshells, Punnets, To-Go Cups, boxes, bags and multi- compartmented containers with multiple products or colors into the same pack.
• Able to Pack Up to 250 Clamshells a Minute
• Improves Quality
• Extends Shelf Life
• Remote Assistance Available
• Log File & Data Tracking Available
• Left & Right Handed Machines Available
• Programmable Profiles
• Solid State Electronics
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Low Maintenance
• Now available in 6, 10, 12, & 16 Scale Versions

G2 Index:

• New Advanced Speed and Positioning Controls
• Wedge Wheel De-Nester System
• Multiple De-Nester Head Setups for Quicker Changeovers
• Easy Adjustments for Cup Guide Rails
• Easy Adjustments for Height Changes
• Multiple, Automatic Closer Setups for Quicker Changeovers
• Easy to Clean
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Low Maintenance


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