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Advanced Products of Sand LLC, commercially known as “Silica Plus“ is a privately owned manufacturer and supplier based in the United Arab Emirates. Our primary focus is on high-quality raw materials, including silica sand, silica flour, silica gravel, and construction chemicals.

As the demand for silica sand continues to grow in the industrial and energy sectors, so does the demand for very experienced, well-established, and highly dependable suppliers/traders. Silica Plus is meant to be the supplier of choice that is uniquely positioned to serve its customers and is recognized for its superior products, services, and people. We are unique due to our relentless focus on service ensures that our customers’ needs are consistently met. We deliver the right sand, at the right place, time and price.

Our full line of silica sand products is tested continuously to ensure they meet customers’ required specifications.

Why silica plus:

• We deliver high value for your money.
• We consistently deliver the highest level of customer service
• We respond immediately to address issues and resolve them quickly
• We are committed to building long-term partnerships with reputable customers.
• We are a trusted partner with high ethical standards

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Silica Sand, Silica Flour, Commercial Silica Sand
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P.O Box 43023, Sajja Emirates Industrial City, Sharjah , United Arab Emirates
+971 656 21110
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