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Kemalpaşa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Gazi Bulvarı No:132 Ulucak - Kemalpaşa İzmir
Phone: +90 232 469 23 23


Everything has started for us at a small shop in Hisarönü, İzmir. Such that, the alluring fragrance of the coffee that came up from that shop pervaded almost all around Kemeraltı. The coffee was roasted to a turn and thinly crushed, being served fresh all the time. The regulars of the said coffee increased by time. The calendars showed yet the first years of the Republic, i.e. 1928.

This journey has started for Hisar Coffee in such a way that the coffee cups has been full of joy, happiness and love. The excellence of our coffee was heard in all directions. All Turkey came to know our coffee that we produced with due care and continued to do so with passion, devoutness and resolve.

And our business has expanded by time. The production gained pace as the new investments such as “the first vacuum package of Turkey” and different varieties followed one another. But Hisar Coffee has never lost its energy and excitement of the first day. Procuring its fragrance and taste from the history, it carried its production technology into the future. It contributed a brand-new dimension to our coffee culture.

Today, Hisar Coffee continues to produce coffee in the full automatic machines at its modern production facilities in Kemalpaşa. It reaches out to every corner of Turkey with the coffee delight in its hygienic and healthy packages. It mixes its decades-long experience with young generation managers. It serves the respect for its business and first of all its passion for coffee to you in coffee cups.

Hisar Coffe... A respected brand for 91 years…

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