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From 1981 to today...
Reis is a global dry food brand originated from these lands. The rice and pulses which are our our farmers handicraft are exported to 26 countries in 4 continents under "Reis" brand.

Reis was established at a 40 square meter area in 1981 at Unkapani. In 1993, the company has continued its operations under the name Reis Agricultural Products Inc. at Gungoren with its facility of 30 thousand tons production capacity. In 2007, the Company has launched its 40 thousand tons manufacturing facility in Ikıtelli-Aykosan Industrial Site. In May 2013, the Company has moved to the new factory of 13.500 square meters with closed area in Istanbul/Esenyurt and the annual production capacity has reached to 129 thousand tons in rice and pulses with the additional investment.

Reis Gıda provides products produced from 100% local seeds for the last 37 years; and it also makes an industrial production and for Horace Group in the garlic facility having 5 tons annual capacity which has been established in 2000 in Kastamonu/Taskopru.

Reis products which have been certified in terms of compliance with national and international standards, are exported to 26 countries in 4 continents such as The United States, Azerbaijan, Sweden, England, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, France, Switzerland, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Japan.

"Dry food and general sector analyses" were regularly done since 2000 with the collaboration of Nielsen Turkey and Reis Food, and the latest research was conducted between 2015-2016. According to the results of the study, "Reis brand" has the first place since 2000 until today as the leading brand in brand awareness about rice and pulses.

The most significant factor among the brand health indicators for consumers is the "reliability" of Reis brand. The reliability image of Reis is followed by other image definitions such as quality, taste, healthy products and natural ingredients.

Reis has the leading position both within and outside the country with its "reliable brand" image; and it keeps the customer satisfaction at forefront without compromising understanding of quality and consumer protection. High quality, affordable pricing and on-time delivery are set by Reis as the main principles and Reis is aware of the responsibility arising from the awards and certifications and sale stores and consumers.

Reis has led the way in various social responsibility projects both in its sector and in the country. The company has sustained its anti-obesity struggle which was launched in 2009 with the slogan "Traditional Taste, Healthy Generations" with "No to Junk Food" campaign. The next slogan in the campaign was "We Do Not Want Junk Food". With the study named "Home-made food is on the table, account is net" launched in 2015, Reis Gıda continues its struggle against obesity for a healthy society in 2016.

A Golden Medal was given to Mehmet Reis in 2012 by the Prime Minister for the supports provided by Reis Gıda to Turkish Red Crescent for national and international humanitarian aid programs.

Various projects related with homeless children, people with physical and mental abilities who try to adhere to social life in spite of all challenges, women refuge houses, Societies for the Protection of Children, Poorhouse, Health and Education Foundation for Children with Leukaemia are supported materially and morally. These are some examples of the works being done. Mehmet Reis had a radical decision in 1994 in order to struggle against inflation and has realized the fixed price policy for the first time. He has launched "Fine Agriculture Implementation" at Kastamonu Taskopru in 2014. In the same year, he has been given Social Responsibility in 2014, and an Appreciation Plaque for Struggling Against Obesity was given by Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic. Reis has received Green Economy Award and Consumer Quality Award in 2015. United Nations (UN) has announced the 2016 year as the "International Pulse Year" upon the suggestion of Turkey. Reis Food has continued to inform the public in every platform by stating "Pulse is the remedy for hunger,it is saturator, it provides herbal protein and it is incremental". More than 1000 students have received education grants between 1993 and 2020 and these grants are still ongoing. Reis continues with its social responsibility projects.

Reis A.S. puts the interest of society before its own interests and considers this as a way to pay the debt for its country.

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