WATER PRO VPD Greenhouse Computer Based Control System - Irrigation & Propagation

Irrigation & Misting
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United States

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United States

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The Water Pro VPD system is the professional choice world wide. A precision sensor monitors the temperature, humidity, and the simulated leaf temperature. Targets are set by the grower. When the targets are reached, the irrigation or propagation valves will energize. Exact water is delivered to the plants at the exact time needed. Enhanced features include setting variable watering programs designed to follow thee plants growth, or the development of the root structure. Increasing or decreasing the watering needs as the plant develops. Night watering disable functions. Will control two separate zones. Twelve stations, expandable to twenty-four stations.


• Precision, aspirated VPD sensor included.
• Irrigation and/or Propagation functions
• Fully expandable and Growlink compatible