Heat Transfer Printing (Sublimation Printing Film)


IFFA Heat Transfer Film is also called Sublimation Film or Thermoform Transfer Printing Film. IFFA Heat Transfer Film is composed of paint and film carrier. The paint can be sublimated and transferred to the primer of metal through the thermal energy.

The permeating depth of paint into primer depends on the operating temperature, pressure, working time and over-all compatibility. These parameters affect the final result of the finished product to weather resistance, abrasion, and ultraviolet.

Unlike traditional heat transfer processed by transfer paper which only permeates the shallow degree of primer, IFFA Heat Transfer Film can lead much better performance. IFFA manufactures Heat Transfer Film and offers in a wide range of standard and customized patterns.

Applicable substrates:

aluminum extrusions. Any materials in any shapes can stand to 200°C.


building façade, ceilings, exterior and interior decorations.


a. Weather Resistant
b. Environmental Friendly
c. Aesthetic Values.

Technical Process:

The technical process of operating Heat Transfer film can be explained in two parts:

A. Prior Treatment:

Clean the substrate:
To get best adhesion and rusty-proof result, always remove grease, stains, rust from the substrates. The prior anticorrosion process is key to prevent the substrate from rusting afterwards.
Powder coating (baking&base coating) :
Process the work piece by powder coating after moisture gets dry and then set it in the oven to bake.

B. Thermoforming Transfer Printing (sublimation)

Slitting: Place the Heat Transfer Film into the slitter and slits according to the required size.
Sealing: Seal the slit as a sheath to avoid blisters which might cause irregularity of the design pattern in the transfer process.

Transfer Printing:
Bag the work piece with the Heat Transfer Film sheath. Put it on the machine handing frame and vacuum the air from the film sheath. Bake the work piece under designated time and temperature. Wait until the pigments on the film completely permeate the primer. Remove the sheath after the heat transferring process and quench the work piece. Products finished.


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