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Cheng Chang Hsing (CCH) Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1982 with the headquarter in Changhua Taiwan, is an integrated professional film printer and machine supplier. We have rich experience in surface decoration including liquid/powder coating, screen printing, water transfer printing and heat transfer printing for various functions and applications. We endeavor to advance product quality and service since customers’ gratifications are our main concern. As a leading surface decoration innovator, CCH dedicates in the processes to achieve efficiency for our customers. Our functional thin films have been applied for a wide range in different industries like automobiles, architecture and household appliance.

CCH has more than 30 years of experience in thin-film printing. We coordinate our efforts in upstream product design for functional film manufacturing and to the process set-up for our customers. Based on our customer-oriented philosophy, we dedicate ourselves providing customers the best solutions. As a member of the global society, we continue to optimize our manufacture process. To protect our environment, we insist the process using non-toxic inks and recyclable materials.

Our brand name “ IFFA” stands for Innovative Functional Film Art, which is originated from our main philosophy. We think a product should not be limited by its own property. By increasing the added values of a product so we can enhance its quality. We have been concentrating on the three dimensions of the product to make our films for customer’s gratification. The three dimensions include the innovation of the product, the physical function, and its style of art.

In 2005, IFFAdeco innovates the “film solution” for metal substrates ( galvanized sheets, aluminum plates, coil coating, extruded aluminum….etc. ). IFFA metal laminated film requires only simple steps to be processed on continuous coil coating lines to give metal realistic appearance of wood grains, marble, brushes or even customized look of design. IFFA metal laminated film also break through the barriers to bring the magic come true for using the decorative metals interior or exterior.

Thus, combining the research and the pragmatic requirement, CCH works as a serving supplier to provide efficient solutions according to customer’s queries. With the trend of information transparency and global trading, the market is getting rapid competitive. Thus, the origination of the corporation is important. We never forget to remind ourselves of our core values to stand in customer’s shoes and to considerate customer’s requirement to program most suitable supply chain system.

Business type Manufacturer
Primary industry Packaging & Printing
Main products
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Heat Release Transfer Printing Film
  • Metal Laminated Film
Year established 1982
Area served Worldwide
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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is IFFA metal laminated film (TT film) ?
IFFA metal laminated film is also called pre-painted aluminum printing film or IFFA TT Film. IFFA SPF technology uses co- extrusive polyester film (PET) printed with gravures and CCH formulated inks. The process integrates coil coating and laminating in one continuous production line. IFFA TT film is possessed of good adhesion, excellent flexibility and outstanding performance of anti-UV, anti-chemical, anti-scratch, dirt-proof and water-proof. The film material is green, no-toxic, and no halogen and is safe as food contact material. It is even considered to be able to completely replace PVC or PVDF as a more environment-friendly material.

Q. What equipment do you need to process TT metal laminated film on the metal?
To process IFFA TT Metal Laminated Printing Film requires a synthetic equipment that integrates pre-treatment, coating, baking, laminating, protective film applying and cutting in one time to complete decoration and production for steel panels or aluminum composite panels.

Q. What material composes an Aluminum Composite Panel?
It is made ​​of multi-color printing film laminated on Aluminum Sheet . Aluminum Composite Panel is composed of multi-color polyester film+0.2mm aluminum sheet +3mm PE thermoplastic core+0.2mm aluminum sheet .

Q. Can aluminum composite panels (ACP )be used for outdoor applications?
Yes, you can use the pattern transferred ACP for exterior use. IFFA outdoor Heat Releasing Transfer Printing Film (IFFA TO Film ) laminating on 0.5mm thickness aluminum sheet by high temperature and pressure is very simple to install because of its light weight. It is also proved to pass QUV test for 6000 hours without fading. Suggest to using KYNAR-500 FEVE for clear coat to reach better weather resistance.

Q. Can IFFA metal laminated film (TT film) be able to applied on aluminum panels only?
No, IFFA metal laminated film (TT Film ) can not only apply on aluminum sheets or aluminum composite panels but also the following steel material a. Electric Galvanized(EG) b. Hot Galvanized(GI) c. Galvanized Alloy(GA) d. Stainless Steel e. Tinplate However, we think Hot Galvanized Coils / Sheet can reach the best performance.

Q. Does the aluminum sheet require “base coating” before the laminating process?
You don’t always need to do base coating. The basic procedure is as follows:
aluminum sheet àchromate treatment à TT film laminating.
However, without the base coating on your substrate, the performance of IFFA metal laminating film can be distracted by the substrate surface color. Applying suitable base color can outstand the pattern and color performance of the film.

Q. Does it require “glue” in the process of laminating IFFA metal laminated film on the metal substrates?
No, not at all. You don’t need to apply glue before you process IFFA metal laminated film. Other printing film requires a process ahead to add glue or adhesive but not IFFA film. Because of this advantage of IFFA metal laminated film, it greatly saves your cost in the process.

Q. Can I get a set of fixed parameters of pressure and temperature to process IFFA metal laminated film?
The key elements in processing include metal substrate and its thickness, speed of production line, temperature and pressure. Any change of the elements might affect the parameters of another. Therefore, everything should be considered comprehensively. When it comes to temperature, PMT (Peak Metal Temperature) is more concerned during the process. PMT indicates the exact highest laminating temperature on the metal substrate during the process. The laminating temperature can vary in accordance with the substrate thickness, production line speed. The laminating pressure is affected by the kinds of metal substrate. The laminating angles and the thin film tension should also be adjusted for the type of coating facilities. There are no fixed parameters which suit every processing line. However, we are glad to offer our parameters from experience, which should be easy to start from.

Q. Is pre-treatment necessary for metal substrates before film laminating or transfer printing?
Yes, we think so. The pre-process of chromate treatment, which is currently done in a environment-friendly method, helps metal substrates get rid of surface grease and rust. The chromate treatment can also prevent the metal substrates from rusting and enhance the adhesion with base coating.

Q. What is pre-painted Galvanized Printing Film properties and characteristic?
(Outdoor release paper file properties and characteristic)

Q. What are the differences in process between TT Metal Laminated film and TO Heat Releasing Printing Film?
Heat Transfer Printing Film (TO Film) requires a “releasing” process and “top coating” process while Metal Laminated Film (TT Film ) does not need. Heat Releasing Transfer Printing Film is processed through heat and pressure to transfer the graphic design on the metal substrate. The substrate is usually metal coil with flat transferring side. After the graphic design is transferred, the transparent PET is then released from the substrate. Recoil the released transparent PET and top coat the metal substrate. You may choose to use PVDF or FEVE for top coating for better weather resistance and color fastness. Afterwards, the one-time continuous process includes curing, cooling , adding protective film and splitting.

Q. Is TT metal laminated film environmental material?
Yes. See the following list about the differences between IFFA Metal Laminated Film and other materials:

Film: PVC Film
Differences: • NOT solvent resistant • NOT environment-friendly materials • Poor chemical resistant • Chlorine compounds • Need to be coated with gum

Film: PET +PVC Film
Differences: • NOT environment-friendly materials, • Need to be coated with gum

Film: IFFA Metal Laminated Film (Co-extruded PET Film) for Aluminum Composite panel and Pre-painted galvanized Sheet
Differences: • High-gloss • Scratch-resistant • Solvent resistant • Chemical resistant • Environment-friendly materials

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