Heat Release Transfer Printing Film (TO FILM)

Heat Transfer Printing
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• Good adhesion
• Stable and outstanding transfer printing effect
• Continuous mass production
• Polished or matt effect as per request
• Great re-coating effect
• Excellent color consistency
• Digital control of transfer printing temperature and pressure
• The production line can be connected with base coating and top coating line.
• The continuous transfer printing process can be applied on coilers or sheets.
• Easy to renew the material
• Perfect for substrates in various material and thickness, especially for iron and aluminum

Applicable Substrates:
Aluminum composite panels (ACP), Steel panels, Galvanized sheets, Aluminum panels, Plastic panels (abs).

1. Architectural constructions: outdoor walls, columns, ceilings, OA partition, Store decoration, counters, Aluminum composite panels (ACP), powder coated panels, roller shutter, elevator, escalator, medium density fiberboard(MDF), prefabricated house, ATM.

2. Electric appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, water dispensers, stereo systems…etc.

3. Transportation: camper, interior decoration board, yacht decoration, mudguard of motorcycle.

4. 3C Products: communication device, computers, laptops.
5. Others: advertising kanban, display cabinets, display shelves.

Products applied with IFFA TO Film has the advantages below:

• Excellent weather resistant
• Good color fastness
• Rich pattern selections to give products stunning effects
• Easy process and maintenance
• light weight and durable
• mildew proof and non-toxic

Technical Process:
The processing line of IFFA TO film is done by a synthetic equipment. It is a continuous and highly automated process which involves pre-treatment→base coating→curing →pattern transfer→blank PET releasing→ curing→ top coating→curing.