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CIJ (Small Character)

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Zanasi Z4500 has extra equipment (positive air feature that provides extra protection to the print head and hydraulic system against dust, moisture and heavy working conditions and increases its performance + external alarm icon + training DVD, using semi-pigmented and normal ink types in the same device) Therefore, it is the only device in its segment.

Product Features

• Up to 4 lines of code
• Character size up to 0.8-12mm high
• Achieving 320 m/min speed capacity
• Ability to store 150 separate messages
• Line spacing feature
• Ability to code in different matrix combinations such as 5×5, 7×5, 9×7, 16×10, 24×16
• Ability to create logo and 50 logo memories
• Ability to code variable information such as automatic calendar, expiry date printing, serial number, product counting
• Low consumable consumption, improved hydraulic system
• Special software in DIN standards for the cable industry (optional)
• Solvent resistant membrane keypad
• AISI304 stainless steel case
• positive air function
• Microjet nozzle cleaning function
• Ability to use Arabic, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Turkish and other Latin languages