Adjustable fire ring plastic constant flow valve lighter SK901

Constant Flow Valve Lighters
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1. Stable flame, 3cm constant flame.
2. 360°no sharp angle design.
3. Strong explosion-proof, imported POM polymer explosion-proof material.
4. It can be stored for a long time, and the storage quality remains unchanged for 5 years.

What Is An Adjustable Fire Ring Plastic Constant Flow Valve Lighter?

Adjustable fire ring constant flow valve lighters are safer and more stable in transportation, storage, and use than traditional lighters with adjustable fire rings. It is the trend of future lighter industry technology development.

Product Advantages:

1. Under the environment of 23℃±2℃ the flame is stable at 20mm-38mm, and the number of ignitions is ≥1300 times.
2. Imported POM polymer explosion-proof material, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 75℃ for 4 hours, 85% safety gas volume 3.46g.
3. Anti-seismic bottom cover, explosion-proof bead design at the bottom, look for 39029 lighters, and the country uniformly compiles customs codes.
4. 50 sticks/box