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Cixi Shuangkai Lighter Co., Ltd.

Lighter, Plastic Lighter, Windproof Lighter
Shiqiao Industrial Park, Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang, China
Phone: +86-0574-63668119


Cixi Shuangkai Lighter Co., Ltd. is located in Shiqiao Lighter Industrial Park, Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City, facing National Highway 329. Guanhaiwei Town is located in the middle of Hangzhou and Ningbo, in the center of Ningshao Plain. The expressway traverses the whole territory, with developed water, land and air transportation, and convenient transportation.The external environment is superior, which is conducive to better providing customers with high-quality services.

The company is a professional manufacturer of various high and mid-range electronic plastic lighters, grinders, constant-flow valve lighters, spray guns and various types of ignition guns. The products are diverse, complete in variety, novel in design, and beautiful in appearance, and are well received by customers. The company has long-term fire safety license, quality management system certification GB/T19001-2016/ ISO9001:2015, environmental management system certification ISO14001:2015 enterprise safety production standardization certificate, and the models produced meet ISO9994 and ISO22702 certification. In China, our company's advertising machine has always cooperated with Yunnan China Tobacco, Shandong China Tobacco and Henan China Tobacco in state-owned enterprises; in private enterprises, our company has close cooperation with Greentown Group, Country Garden Group and Sunac Group. Abroad, our ignition guns occupy 70% of the markets in the United States and Europe.

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