Bakery Ingredients Datem


E472e emulsifier(DATEM), it is called as E472E emulsifier, DATEM emulsifier, (DATEM) Diacetyl Tartaric acid ester of mono-diglycerides.

Features and applications:

E472e emulsifier(DATEM) has the functions of emulsification, stability, anti-aging, and preservation. Used in bread, pastry, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, non-dairy creamer and other products.

DATEM emulsifier can improve emulsification performance, prevent oil-water separation, and be used as emulsifier and dispersant.

• E472e emulsifier increases dough strength, increase volume, improve structure, soft texture, and prevent aging.

• Form complexes with starch, prevent starch swelling and loss, and improve starch gelatinization characteristics.

• Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono-diglyceride can be used in non-dairy creamer to improve emulsion stability and prevent oil-water separation. Used in cream to make the cream soft and smooth.

Usage and dosage:

Add this product to water above 60℃, stir to dissolve and use it or add it to the product and mix it for use. Since this product is easily soluble in grease, it can also be used after heating and dissolving it together with grease.

Use in accordance with GB2760 "Standards for the Use of Food Additives".

Packaging, storage and transportation Packing:

Net weight: 25kg/20kg per carton

Storage and transportation: sealed and stored in a low temperature, dry, cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture absorption and agglomeration. Mixed storage and transportation with flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances is strictly prohibited. The unopened storage period is twelve months.

Selling Point:

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