Start-Stop AGM Leo

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İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM series, which is one of the advanced-technology products developed by İnci GS Yuasa in its own facilities, is designed for superior-segment Start-Stop vehicles that have regenerative braking system thanks to its unique performance, endurance and high charging acceptance.

What is regenerative braking system?

It is a technology for converting kinetic energy gained at the moment of braking into electric energy. İnci Akü AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) series have fiber-based special separators, capacity to cycle up to 3,5 times more* and start more up to 10%** and quick charging acceptance in order to meet high energy needs of new-generation vehicles that use Start-Stop regenerative braking system. Vehicles using İnci Akü AGM contribute to prevention of carbon emission and are environmental-friendly.

Product Advantages:

• Long-Lasting Up To 3,5 Times*
• Special Valves With Pressure Control
• Maximum Impermeability Thanks To Impregnation of Acid Into Special Separators
• Full-Frame Grids With Special Ca-Ca Alloy
• More Starting Power Up To 10%
• Compatible With Regenerative Braking System In New-Generation Vehicles
• Product Technology Meeting All Requirements of Vehicle Manufacturers
• QR and Barcode Technology Enabling Product Tracking
* According to İnci Akü Formula A Taurus
** According to İnci Akü EFB Pantera

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