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Specially designed for Start-Stop or high electrical consumption heavy duty vehicles. EFB Pantera is suitable for rear chassis with EVR Technology and provides superior performance and power from the beginning to the end of the road with up to 2.5 times longer cycle life* and up to 60 times longer vibration resistance.*

Product Advantages:

• Matches the V3 vibration resistance requirements in EN 50342 standards
• Up to 2.5 times longer cycle life*
• Maximum leakproof
• High acid reserve capacity above the plates
• Product tracking with QR-code and barcode technology
• Up to 60 times longer vibration resistance*
• Up to 10% higher cold cranking power (CCA)*
• Minimum waterloss
• Special Ag-Ca alloyed grids
* Compared to İnci Akü Supr A Sentor.

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