Lapenta Joker Microwave Heat Pad

Aromatic Rye
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• Heat in the microwave oven for 5 minutes and apply to the desired area.
• You can cool it by keeping it in the freezer and use it cold.
• Contains our unique aromatherapy blend of dried herbs and seeds!
• Odorless option containing only rye and flax seeds for those who are sensitive to smell!
• Eco-Friendly Production, Entirely Handmade, Vegan

Lapenta Microwave Heat Pads consist of two types. Products that are also known as Cherry Core Pillows or Cherry Core Pillows and are very popular in our country after Europe. And a more advanced version of this, our products with special ergonomic designs that contain a mixture of rye and aromatic plants. These products, with their special shapes, are ideal for our customers who want to apply heat to areas such as waist, shoulders and back. They have better heat holding capacity and a soothing herbal/floral scent.

• Lapenta is suitable for hot and cold use. For hot use, it is heated in the microwave for 4 minutes. It is kept in the freezer for 30 minutes in a bag for cold use.
• We fill our completely natural dried herb and seed blend in a completely natural fabric. These herbs have been specially selected and blended in a special ratio so that they both retain heat for a long time and have the most positive effect on your body by transferring the heat at the right speed.
• Thanks to the aromatherapy effects of some fragrant herbs such as Lavender, Clove, and cinnamon in our special blend, Lapenta provides you with relaxation. It smells like musk!
• In addition, we now have an "Odorless" option for those who are sensitive to smell! This product contains only rye and flax. (If you are not sensitive to plant and flower scents, we definitely recommend you to choose the Aromatic version!)
• Thanks to our Special Ergonomic Design, Lapenta provides the best results by fully grasping your body. Moreover, you can use the product without having to hold it with your hands. In addition, Lapenta applies heat equally to every area thanks to its corrugated design.
• Unlike Hot Water Bags or Gel Products, it does not flow or puncture. If you're tired of getting burned, Lapenta is for you!
• It is suitable for use in all age groups. For babies and those with loss of sensation, just check the temperature before use.
• Our pillows are prepared with a heat-resistant, completely organic and pure plant mixture. It can only be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.
• Lapenta is a women's initiative. All of our products are handmade, filled and packed by women.
• Our plant mixture is cleaned against pests before filling with fumigation method. However, depending on the environment in which it is used, we strongly recommend that you store it in a cool and dry place against the risk of moth.
• We send you the paper containing our detailed user manual and safety warnings together with the product.
• It is not a medical device

It can be used in the following situations: Menstrual Pains, Muscle and neck stiffness, Gas pains, Rheumatism pains, Back and waist pains, Childhood pains, Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy-related abdominal pains and chest pains, Joint pains, Chills, Sports-related muscle pains (squeezing).

It is not a medical product, it is recommended to be used in the above cases, but for medical conditions, consult a professional.

Product Main Title/Dimension
Neck and Shoulder: 45x30cm
Back: 45x35cm
Eye Pad: 20 x 09cm
Waist: 40x18cm
Your wife: 30x18cm
Joker: 66 x 13cm
Premium : 40x30cm
Mini Tummy: 28x15cm
Cherry Seed Baby: 20x20cm
Cherry Core Pillow: 25x25cm
Lamb Baby Pillow: 20 x 18 cm
Fish Baby Pillow: 20x14cm
Cloud Baby Pillow: 20x14cm
Duck Baby Pillow: 20x14cm
Midi Cherry Core Pillow: 20x15cm