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LAPENTA was established in 2016 in Kayseri/Turkey. We developed our products with the valuable opinions and help of academicians from Erciyes University. We process organic herbs, which we provide entirely from local vendors, by providing 100% female employment and bringing our final product to the user. We produce all of our products as Vegan and Cruelty-Free, that is, without harming any living thing. We continue our operations with a responsible and principled trade approach. As LAPENTA, we pay importance to make our products extremely useful and preferred products that satisfy their customers. Our customers, who have said that their pain has been relieved and their thanks are our greatest source of pride and honor. From now on, we aim to expand our sales portfolio in Europe and Asia with the same understanding.

Our story:

It has been very common for entrepreneurs to write their start-up and success stories on many websites that I have reviewed recently. We decided to write our story on our website, which we designed and installed together with my son.

Our story started with a shoulder pillow that my parents brought me as a gift on their return from their trip to America. It reminded me of the rice packs my grandma made for when we were cold when I was little. It become very important part of our house in a very short time.

When our guests had neck and back pains, we offered them this product. Which received immediate praise from them too. I started to think "Why am not making such a product?". Not every fabric produced the same results. I almost burnt down the house many times. The original product had a different design, a different fabric and different ingredients. I had to re-make everything to be able to produce it naturally and locally in Turkey. I consulted academicians from Textile Engineering and Agricultural Engineering departments of Erciyes University. Solely the research took almost 1 year.

In a very short time after its release, it was in such demand and received such acclaim that even I couldn't believe it.

LAPENTA is like my child, who comforts every family he touches and receives very good compliments with no complaints.It makes me proud, gives me joy.

I started to wonder why I am not making such a product. Everyone should use this great product. Not every fabric produced the same results in the microwave. Whatever I put burned, a burning smell covered the house. After more than a year of research, Erciyes University's textile department teachers were talking about the analyzes of the agricultural engineering department, and Lapenta was ready for production with a team of women. Rye, linseed, and aromatic plants in certain proportions in a completely organic fabric that is heat resistant on the outside.

Thank you very much mom, for your little gift and for your help with your vast sewing knowledge in production and design. Also, my husband who was always there for me in everything with his research, production, and design suggestions as well as criticisms. Finally my son, with his technological support and knowledge. They have become my greatest supporters.

I wholeheartedly believe that, someday many homes will have LAPENTA products in different countries all over the world. People relieving from discomforts and stress with a product that I made. That is the job I want to do.

Halide BANUŞ- Founder

Business type Manufacturer
Primary industry Home & Garden
Main products
  • Aromatherapy Effective Microwave Heat Pads
Year established 2016
Area served Worldwide
Bikudo member since January 2023

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Lapenta?
LAPENTA heat pad is designed to be used as a hot and cold compress. The outer covers of all our models are made of heat resistant 100% natural fabric.
We have a special mixture prepared with various grains and aromatic herbs in our rye products.
Our cherry-core models, on the other hand, have natural, cleaned cherry seeds.
It is used for relaxation, therapy and reduction of pain.
Hot water bags, heat gels, hot towels, etc. They are preferred because they are much more practical and safe than products such as

Q. What are the differences between Cherry Seed and Aromatic Rye?
Actually, there is no difference in terms of both functions and warm-up and cool-down times. Both of them heat up in a very short time and maintain the heat for 30-35 minutes. The different sizes of the cherry kernel and the rye kernel determine the shape of our designs. The use of rye allows the use of plant mixtures such as lavender, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, chamomile, rose for aromatherapy purposes. Cherry-core pillows contain pure unscented cherry kernels.

Q. How is Lapenta Used?
1. It is used in a microwave oven by heating at 600 watts for 2 minutes.
2. It is used in a normal oven by heating it at 100 degrees for 15 minutes by turning it upside down.
‌For 40 minutes in a water and moisture-proof refrigerator bag in the deep freezer. Used by waiting.

Q. What is the Lifespan?
We recommend that you read the instructions for use carefully. It can be used for at least 3 years if used in accordance with the instructions. In cases such as darkening and wear caused by heavy use, we recommend you to purchase a new product.

Q. Why Should I Prefer Lapenta Products?
• Practical and easy to use
• Ergonomic and safe thanks to their special designs
• There is no risk of puncture and burn like equivalent products like hot water bag (thermophore)
• 100% Turkish property
• It can be used in every age group and in every aching area, it has no side effects

Q. Can I wash my Lapenta?
Lapenta rye aromatic pillows cannot be washed and should be kept away from water. The cherry seed pillow and baby products can be washed as the outer cover is removable. Cherry core inner cover is not washable.

Q. In which situations can I use Lapenta?
LAPENTA products can be used wherever cold or hot therapy is needed.
Low back pain, upper back pain, pelvic pain, menstrual pain, gas pains, colds, muscle pains, stiffness, stress and tension, knee pain, chills, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain during pregnancy and postpartum period hot compress in cases such as clogged milk ducts;
Using it in the form of cold compress for pains such as arthritis, migraine and headaches, high blood

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