Lapenta Premium Microwave Heat Pad - Neck and Shoulder - Blue - Aromatherapy Effect

Category Aromatic Rye
Brand Lapenta
Country of origin Turkey

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Lapenta Yastik
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Established 2016


Dimensions: 50x30 cm

Weight: 1300 gr.

Lapenta Relaxation and Therapy Pillow, with its 100% natural grain and aromatic plant blend, keeps the heat (cold or hot) and gives it back to the body in a balanced way during use. Similar products have been used for many years, especially abroad, instead of hot water and ice bags. Unlike products made of hot water bags, ice packs and gels, it is preferred because there is no risk of leakage, puncture and burning the body. It is ideal for use in homes with its naturalness, ease, special design, safety, odor and equal distribution of heat.


A) Hot Use:

1. Heating in the Microwave: Place it in the microwave oven, not touching the edges, and heat it for 3 minutes at 600 Watt (Medium) setting. If necessary, you can continue heating to reach the desired temperature, but always check the temperature with your hands before use.

2. Heating in the Normal Oven Preheat the normal oven by setting it to 100°C. Place the pillow on the clean baking wire so that it does not touch the sides of the oven. Heat it upside down for 15 minutes. If necessary, you can continue heating to reach the desired temperature. B) Cold Use:

40 minutes in a water-proof and moisture-proof bag in the deep freezer. Please wait.


• We recommend heating under observation in order not to encounter any problems during heating.

• Do not heat at higher than recommended temperatures.

• Check the temperature with your hand before using it on the elderly and babies.

• Keep away from water and moisture.

• After warming Lapenta relaxation and therapy pillows, wait at least 30 minutes to reheat them or reheat them at low temperature.

• It is not curative. It is only suitable for use for relaxation and pain reduction.

Store in a cool and dry place.

If you do not use it for a long time, keep it in the refrigerator.


• 100% natural.* It is practical and easy to use. *It is safe. Unlike products made of hot water bags, ice packs and gels, there is no risk of leakage, puncture or burning.

• Thanks to its special design, it is ergonomic and flexible.

• It can be used in all age groups.

• It has no negative effects.


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