Thermoplastic Elastomer
Country of origin

Product details

In the injection moulding process the melted TPE compound are injected into a mould.

Product Series:
Hongshuo Injection TPE P18/19 Series (Shore 0A-Shore 65D)
Hongshuo Injection TPE P28/29 Series (Shore 0A-Shore 65D)
Hongshuo Injection TPE EP52/53 Series (Shore 0A-Shore 65D)

• High elasticity
• Easy to process and color
• Wide range hardness(Shore 0A-Shore 65D)
• Excellent elongation and elasticity
• Very good resilience
• Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
• Wide range of temperature (-50℃ to 135℃)
• Soft touch
• High production efficiency

Pen grips,toothbrush handle, tools, toothbrush, cap liner,foot pad, protective cover etc.

Safety/Quality Approvals:
Comply with RoHS, REACH SVHC, NP,FDA,Prop 65, ISO9001