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• There are three different types of Laser Micrometers as standard type, such as Scanning Units for Single axis measuring , Orthogonal dual axes measuring and Swing type all circumference measuring.
• For measuring large diameter work pieces of more than 300mm, it can be measured by combination of 2 units of Single axis Scanning Unit.
• For applications to install emitters and receivers separately or widen their distance, Separate type can be used. Also Multi-axis measuring more than Double axes can be made by combination of Separate type Scanning Units.
• No influence to the measured value by ambient light such as the sunlight, etc.
• Measurement of high temperature objects with up to 2000 degrees centigrade is available by minor modification of the Scanning Unit.

Common specifications:

Measuring system: Non-contact laser scanning system
Light source: Semiconductor laser diode(Max. output 1mW), Red(670nm), Continuous wave class 2
Structure of Unit protection: Dust protection(IP-64)
Ambient condition: Temperature:0-45degree centigrade,
Ambient condition: Humidity:35-85%RH(No condensation)