Surface Variation Detector For Optical Fiber

Outer Diameter Bump Detector Series

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• TM-series Surface Variation Detectors were designed to monitor surface variations in an object by means of emitting light to the object and detecting a difference of interrupted light volume which is affected by the variation.
• Those TM-series detectors can be used at production line of all products such as optical fibers, enamel, electric and vinyl wires, communication and power cables, metal and glass rods, plastic tubes, pipes, hose, etc........, which are required to detect surface variations.


• Non-contact type detection & reliable, continuous high speed detection.
• Applicable for wide range of line speed from low to high speed.
• Not affected by color and material of the object.
• Not affected by object vibration.
• Simple adjustment of detection level by direct reading.
• Very few overlook of variation by detecting from multi-axes detection.
• Detection of various variations with wide range from 10 micron to more then a few millimeters.
• Easy operation and simple maintenance.

For optical fiber:

Model: TM-503W
Detecting derection: 3
Measuring method: Double-slit, infrared LED projection type
Measuring range: 0.02 - 3mm
Detecting sensitivity: 0.01 - 1mm
Detecting accuracy: '+/-1% of max. set value
Slit length: 6mm
Slit width: 0.1mm
Line speed[*1]: 5m/min - 2000m/min
Recorder output: '+/-0.2V/0.1mm
Alarm output: Red LED turns on,
Alarm output: Relay contact output(AC250V 2A Resistance load)
Alarm time[*2]: 0.1 sec
Ambient temperature: -5 - 50 degree centigrade(No condensation)
Power supply[*3]: DC+/-15V
Power consumption: 6VA
Outside demension: 150 * 140 * 40
(W * H * D[mm]): 150 * 140 * 40
Weight: 0.8kg