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The unique characteristics of konjac make it widely used, and have great potential for development and application. Konjac powder is food, please feel free to use!

Scarcity of resources: China is the world's Konjac production area, including Wuling mountain area, Qinba mountain range and Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, accounting for 70% of the global output, with resource advantages.

Special properties: gelation, water absorption, film-forming, high soluble fiber

Wide application fields: food ingredients based on hydrophilic gel, healthy food based on dietary fiber, konjac cleansing sponge with Konjac colloid technology. The uniqueness of konjac makes it widely used, and has great potential for development and application. Konjac powder is food, please feel free to use!

In sausage, ham sausage, luncheon meat, fish ball and other meat products, adding appropriate amount of konjac gum can play the role of bonding, refreshing and increasing the volume; adding konjac gum to the minced meat can increase the water absorption, improve the structure, and be full of elasticity; using konjac gum to replace part of fat in meat products, especially adding konjac gum and carrageenan to low-fat minced meat can significantly improve The structure of the products can improve the special water property, so as to give the low-fat meat products a juicy and lubricating taste, which can meet the requirements of simulating high-fat meat products. Konjac gum can be used as an additive in ham and sausage and an improver to adjust the taste of ham and sausage.

Konjac glucomannan has good adhesiveness, water absorption and water retention. It can be used in noodles, dried noodles, instant noodles, flour noodles, noodles, dough, steamed bread, steamed bread, dumplings, bread, cake, custard, cookies and other pastries. When konjac flour is added to bread and steamed bread, the porosity and expansion rate are increased, the volume is increased, the texture is fine and uniform, more elastic, and the taste is soft and fluffy; konjac powder is added to the cake base material to make the products taste soft and delicate, and the shelf life is prolonged; the addition of konjac flour to noodles can prolong the storage, increase the toughness, improve the boiling resistance and reduce the broken rate Adding konjac powder to baked products can slow down the rearrangement of gelatinized starch molecules, delay the retrogradation of starch, prevent the rapid loss of water and delay the aging of baked products.

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