DC Brushless Permanent Magnetic Plastic Packaged Motor With Outer Rotor


The DDM direct drive motor eliminates the belt drive of the Capacitor motor, and is directly connected to the clutch. The washing state is decelerated by the deceleration mechanism to drive the pulsator to rotate, and the rinsing state directly drives the pulsator, clothes and inner tub to rotate together.

The direct drive motor system is composed of a control board, a driver, and a direct drive motor. Compared with the traditional Capacitor running motor system, the direct drive motor system has the following advantages:

1. The system efficiency is high: the belt transmission link is omitted, the excitation field of the direct drive motor is provided by the magnetic material ferrite, and the motor efficiency exceeds 70%. At the same time, the frequency and voltage coordinated control speed regulation efficiency is higher than the voltage regulation of the capacitor running motor Speed ​​regulation mode, the efficiency of the motor is relatively high at different speeds;

2. Stable speed: Through speed closed loop operation, the motor running speed is not affected by the grid voltage and load, and can run stably at the speed set on the control panel;

3. Wide speed adjustment range: With the help of the driver, the speed adjustment range of the motor becomes wider. For clothing such as silk and wool, avoid twisting and deformation, and the motor can run at a low speed. In the dehydration state, in order to lower the residual moisture in the clothes, the motor speed can reach more than 1000 per minute;

4. Improve washing quality and reduce clothing damage: For different clothing, different motor speeds can be selected, and at the same time, the speed of the motor can be fully controlled to reduce the damage to the clothing.

Typical specification and performance parameters:

Model: YCDC
Voltage(V): DC310
Insulation rating: F
Output Power(W): 180-450
Rated speed(r/min): 700
Noise(dB): ≤45
Protective rating: IP100
Efficiency(%): ≥75
Work environment(°C): -5~45
Insulation resistance(MΩ): ≥200


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