Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation

Zhejiang Yongchang Electric Corporation

Washing Machine Motor, Dryer Motor, Kitchen Appliance Motor
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About us

Yongchang Electric is a diversified manufacturing and technology company. We offer a wide range of products and services in the Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies, and Home Appliance and Tools. Recognized widely for our engineering capabilities and management excellence, Yongchang Electric has the experience and resources to produce over 6000,000 units per year and sold throughout over 20 countries across the globe, every unit is produced utilizing Yongchang Electric's manufacturing excellence, to ensure that every client receives the highest quality motors time and time again.

Though the "total customer success” become the world's leading provider in motor, control and system solution.

We are very proud of Yongchang Electric's steady rise in the last 20 years to be one of the most innovative and successful motor enterprises in China, widely known for our management process, sustained financial performance and operational excellence. What began in 1990 as a single plant producing molds in Nanxun Town, Huzhou City, has grown into a reliable technology and solutions provider that meets some of the world's most significant challenges.

Yongchang Electric holds the leading market positions in many core areas: Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies, and Home Appliance and Tools. While we drive our achievements with a multitude of sophisticated processes, operations and skills, our fundamental approach follows this simple proposition: Yongchang Electric combines the best technology with the human custom to create solutions for the benefit of our customers and the world. We succeed by thoughtfully applying this principle to help our customers grow, to improve quality of life and to meet important business and social challenges.

Yongchang Electric's long-term success ultimately depends on our management team's ability to maintain our conviction and continually reshape our approach in a dynamic world. Our management values and beliefs begin with integrity: We insist on integrity in everything we do. In addition, our focus on sustainable business practices and decisions guides our management and approach to social stewardship. We firmly believe that these principles directly support our primary obligation to manage for the benefit of our customers.

Day-to-day, this means investing in people, cultivating leaders, focusing on innovation for our customers, creating products from inspiration that enhance living standards, and assisting the efforts that sustain a healthy and comfortable world.

While much remains for all of us to accomplish, above all, we ask you to join us, because we firmly believe it cannot happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice. Let’s make positive contributions together as a group in today's world.

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