Open Type Metal Sheet And Pipe Laser Cutting Machine SF3015M

Metal Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter
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Product details

SF3015M metal sheet and pipe laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber laser power from 1.5kw to 4kw. Optional 3 meters and 6 meters for pipe cutting.

Technical Parameters of Fiber Laser Cutter:

Model: SF3015M/SF4015M/SF4020M/SF6015M/SF6020M fiber laser cutter price
Working Area (mm): 3050 * 1530/4050 * 1530 /4050*2030/ 6050* 1530//6050* 2030
Laser Power (kw): 1.5/2/3/4
Maximum Speed (m/min): 80
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy (mm/m): ±0.05
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy (mm): ± 0.02

Features of Metal tube and plate laser cutter:

Gantry Structure:

• Automatic positioning,timely dynamic response.
• High precision,high stability.

Optional chuck:

• Pneumatic Chuck Clamping
• Manual chuck clamping

Optional software:

• Cyptube, tubepro...

What Materials Does it Cut?

SF3015M is specially used for cutting carbon steel plates (pipes), stainless steel (pipes), galvanized steel plates and pipes , electrolytic zinc-coated steel (pipes), aluminum sheet (pipes), brass (pipes) and other thin metal materials.