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SENFENG has four standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing bases. We provide high-end intelligent laser equipment and solutions with a number of fully automated production equipment and perfect quality and pioneering efficiency.

SENFENG is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of fiber laser cutters, fiber laser cleaning machine, laser welding machine, 3D robot, press brake bending machine and metal sander,etc.

SENFENG has established 2 subsidiaries in the United States, and Germany and 5 service centers in India, Pakistan, Serbia, Vietnam and Jordan with perfect quality and service, to provide localized services and technical support for global customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why Do You Choose SENFENG Coil-fed Laser Cutting Machine

In the field of sheet metal processing, plates are not only expensive, but also increase labor costs during transportation and storage. In contrast, the price of the coil steel is much cheaper, but it must be uncoiled before use, which increases the cost virtually. The uncoiling of coil steel is a problem that plagues the sheet metal processing industry. The emergence of SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting machine not only solves the problem of uncoiling, but also realizes the full automation of coil steel from loading to unloading, which greatly saves labor, plates and time.

Senfeng laser blanking line integrates decoiling, blanking, cutting, stacking. The whole process is complete and smooth to ensure the lowest cost and highest efficiency, which helps you realize fully-automatic and intelligent production. By the way, the new landmark of Qatar-the metal wall of Lusail Tower was manufactured by SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting line SF2003C. Senfeng have different major models designed for different materials and thicknesses. So if you choose SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting machine, you can get five benefits it brings.

Five Advantages of Coil Steel Laser Cutting Machine

1. The four major functions are in place in one step. Senfeng coil laser cutting machine has four functions of uncoiling, leveling, cutting and blanking. The integrated processing production line realizes continuous cutting and improves production efficiency.

2. Meet various uncoiling needs. Senfeng laser blanking production line uncoils stainless steel coils, aluminum coils, carbon steel, galvanized and other materials with a weight of less than 30 tons. The coil laser cutting machine is also equipped with four types of uncoilers: floor type, hydraulic cantilever type, hydraulic double-head support, and multi-unit uncoilers, which can quickly switch between different coils and reduce non-production time.

3. Self-developed leveling machine. Senfeng Laser has many years of leveling experience and patented technology certification. Leveling machines with different numbers of rollers are suitable for different plates to ensure that the stress of each plate can be fully released, making the plate more flat and obtaining a better cutting experience.

4. Multi-process fusion one-stop processing. Senfeng laser blanking production line is equipped with laser-specific lamination function, waste collection device, overall conveying platform, safety protection, monitoring functions, etc. By integrating and innovating these functions, Senfeng coil laser cutting machine realizes flexible and efficient processing.

5. Save cost and improve efficiency. ① Improve the utilization rate of plates and save 15% of raw materials; ② The functions that can be realized by a laser blanking production line are equivalent to the sum of laser cutting machine, uncoiler, leveling machine, shearing machine and punching machine, which greatly saves equipment costs; ③ One person can operate one or more laser blanking lines, reducing labor costs; ④ Continuous cutting with coaxial feeding shortens sheet metal processing time and increases efficiency by 30%.

After going through all the advantages of coil-fed laser cutting machine, I bet you would like to consider it to automate you production line and improve work efficiency. The competition in the field of sheet metal processing is gradually evolving into a competition for product quality and production efficiency. As an advanced processing method, Senfeng laser blanking production line has outstanding advantages in automation, intelligence, cost and efficiency. It naturally fits the production requirements of the sheet metal processing industry, and also provides a new development path for the production methods of future manufacturing enterprises. SENFENG, as a global provider of one-stop metal fabrication solutions, aims to provide global users with automated metal processing solutions. If you want to know more about coil-fed fiber laser cutting machines, please contact SENFENG.

Q. Things you might want to know about fiber laser metal cutting machine

Ⅰ.Working principle of fiber laser metal cutting machine:

It is a thermal cutting method that uses focused high-density laser beam to hit work pieces to rapidly melt the metal materials, at the same time, coaxial high speed gas blows melted matters away.

Ⅱ.In which industries does a steel laser cutting machine apply to:

Thanks to the advantages of wide application ranges, high cutting speed, narrow cutting gap, high cutting quality, smaller thermal effect area, better process flexibility, etc... metal cutting fiber laser machine from SENFENG LEIMING LASER is now being widely used in a variety of industries like

- Automobile: We all know that countless of sheet metal parts for automobile need to be fabricated. Compared with traditional cutting methods, metal fiber laser cutting machine can make up their shorts of low cutting efficiency and cutting precision.

- Cabinet making: When building power cabinet, file cabinet, etc... with thin sheet, efficiency is the most concerned factor. Metal plate cutting machine is a perfect solution for the job, which helps save labor costs and time cost significantly.

- Fitness equipment: The demand for fitness equipment is soaring as more and more people realize the importance of fitness nowadays. Therefore, tube laser cutting machine is a pretty good choice as tubes are main composition of most fit equipment.

- Kitchenware: Metal plate cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin stainless steel plate. What’s more, it makes customization come true, which is exactly most of kitchenware manufacturers are looking for.

- Metal process: Namely, fabricate a wide range of metal materials and different shapes of work pieces. In terms of cutting efficiency and cutting precision, apparently steel fiber laser cutting machine has the edge over traditional cutting machines.

Ⅲ.How to adjust focus position of fiber laser cutter for cutting metal:

Adjusting the distance between laser focus position to metal materials is always needed before cutting. Different laser focus positions will lead to different cutting performances, like roughness of cutting surface, burrs situation. For different work pieces and different metal materials, the laser focus position is different as well. Then how should we choose the correct laser focus position?

Definition of laser focus position: When laser focus position is above work piece, we call it positive focus position. On the contrary, when laser focus position is beneath work piece, we call it minus focus position.

How does focus position affect cutting performance: Changing laser focus position, namely, change the size of laser spot on metal surface, when focal length gets bigger, the laser spot will get thicker, so the cutting gap will get wider and wider, thus affect the thermal area and melted matters discharging performance.

Cutting under the circumstance of positive laser focus position:

Positive laser focus position generally applies to cutting carbon steel with oxygen. The cutting range at the bottom of work piece is bigger than that on the surface, which is good for blowing melted matters away, and is good for oxygen reaching to bottom of work piece to participant adequate oxidation reaction. During a certain of laser position range, the bigger the focal length is, the bigger the laser spot is, the smoother and more shining the cutting surface is.

For SENFENG LEIMING’s high-power(above 10kw) fiber laser cutter for cutting metal, when cutting thick stainless steel plate, positive laser focus position is adopted. Under the situation, the cutting process is stable, and it is good for blowing the melted matters away.

Cutting under the circumstance of minus laser focus position:

Namely, the laser focus position is beneath work piece, under the situation, focus position is far away from metal surface, compared with the cutting range at focus position, the cutting range on surface of work piece is bigger, at the same time, big cutting gas flow is needed and temperature should be enough.

Minus laser focus position applies to cutting stainless steel, streaks on cutting surface is even.

As to perforation before cutting, since a certain distance of height is needed to perforate, so perforation always uses minus laser focus position, which can ensure laser energy density is the biggest. Also the deeper the perforation position is, the bigger the minus laser focal length is.

Cutting under the circumstance of zero laser focus position:

Namely, the laser focus position is right on surface of work piece. Under the situation, the smoothness of cutting surface close to focus position is better, while cutting surface away from focus position is rough.

Ⅳ.Safety tips when operating metal plate laser cutting machine:

Human safety is one of the most important things for a enterprise. For steel laser cutting machine as a big precise processing machine, many customers are still not familiar with the safety operations. Jinan Senfeng Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional metal cutting fiber laser machine manufacturer, pays much attention to human safety. Here we’d like to share some safety tips with you:

Be sure to take note of attentions on the user instruction manual before operating metal laser cutting machine

Wear necessary protective tools beforehand to avoid accidents.

Operating steel fiber laser cutting machine is only allowed after the laser source is confirmed working well.

DO NOT expose any part of your body to the optical part of laser

Cut off power when something wrong happen

In case the laser cutting machine goes wrong, it is professional technicians instead of operators who test and fix the machine.

Jinan Senfeng Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of laser cutting machines into a whole. We have not only developed advanced metal laser cutting machine, but also sold our steel laser cutting machines to more than 180 countries across the world like USA, Southern Asia, Europe, Middle east, Southern America, Africa, etc...

Ⅴ.What kind of fiber laser cutting machines do we have in senfeng leiming laser?

1.Metal plate cutting machine from 1KW to 36KW. We have both open type and closed type of steel laser cutting machines available.

2.Metal tube cutting machine: Metal tube cutting machine allows customers to deal with a variety of metal tubes including round tubes, square tubes, angle tubes, C tube, H tube, etc... Our metal tube cutting machine features high cutting efficiency and cutting precision. We also have bevel tube laser cutting machine available.

VI.Advantages of fiber laser steel cutting machine:

1.High cutting precision and high cutting efficiency, cutting gap is narrow, thermal effect area is small, cutting surface is smooth and burr-free

2.Fiber laser cutting head doesn’t contact with metal materials, so it won’t damage work piece

3.Small thermal effect area means the deformation of work piece is extremely slight, no physical deformation

4.More flexible, can process any patterns and metals of almost all kinds, also be able to cut metal pipes and other irregular materials

5.Construction is simpler, and occupies smaller space

6.Photoelectric conversion rate is very high, cutting performance is stable, the work life of core components can be up to 100000 hours

7.Operation cost and maintenance cost are low, so companies can spent more time cutting products, which can bring more benefits.

Q. Make You Know More About Fiber Laser Cutter

An ideal metal fabrication equipment can bring you more than high profits. In recent years, fiber laser cutter has become increasingly popular in metal processing. We know that fiber laser is kind of ideal lasers that achieve all the requirements of small size, high efficiency, high reliability, high beam quality and high output by amplifying light of specific wavelengths in the fiber. What exactly is that? Let's take a look together.

What is fiber laser?

Optical fiber is usually a glass solid fiber drawn from SiO2 as the matrix material, which is widely used in optical fiber communications. The principle of light guiding is the mechanism of total internal reflection of light. That is, when the light is incident from the light-dense medium with a large refractive index to an optically sparser medium with a small refractive index at an angle greater than the critical angle, total reflection will occur, and the incident light will all be reflected to the light-dense medium with a large refractive index, and the refractive index is small.

Fiber can be divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Single-mode fiber has a small core diameter and can transmit only one mode of light, with small inter-mode dispersion. The core diameter of multi-mode fiber is thick, which can transmit multiple modes of light, but the dispersion between modes is relatively large.

The transmission mode of the fiber laser is to use the fiber to conduct laser beam. Generally speaking, the principle is to wrap a layer of YAG crystal in the inner and outer circles of the optical fiber, so that the light source can illuminate the YAG crystal from the optical fiber to generate laser, and at the same time, repeated refraction conduction is carried out in the optical fiber.

The working principle of fiber laser is mainly based on its special structure. The laser is composed of three parts: working material, pump source and resonator. And the specific functions are as follows:

1. The gain fiber is the gain medium that generates photons.

2. The pumping light acts as an external energy to make the gain medium achieve population inversion, that is, the pump source.

3. The optical resonator is composed of two mirrors, and the role is to make the photon feedback and amplification in the working medium.

What the differences among fiber laser, CO2 laser and YAG solid-state laser?

Are you still not sure which kind of laser cutter is right for you? Do you think that the fiber laser cutting machine is too expensive, but the effects of CO2 laser or YAG laser cutting always fail to meet your expectations? Hopefully the below will help you understand better.

Fiber laser belongs to solid-state laser. It generates a laser beam with a seed laser, which is then amplified in a specially designed glass fiber to provide energy through a pump diode. The fiber laser has a wavelength of 1.064 microns, which can produce very small focal spot diameter. The intensity is more than 100 times that of a CO2 laser device with the same average power. And also, fiber laser has an exceptionally long service life of at least 25,000 laser processing man-hours.

CO2 laser is a gas laser based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture excited by electrical discharge. It has a wavelength of 10.6 microns and is mainly suitable for processing non-metallic materials and most plastics. CO2 laser has relatively high efficiency and have excellent beam quality. Therefore, it is one of the most widely used laser devices.

YAG laser is also a kind of solid-state laser, named after the doped element neodymium and carrier crystal, which has a wavelength of 1.064 microns, the same wavelength as fiber laser, making it suitable for marking metals and plastics. Unlike fiber laser, this type of laser devices include relatively expensive pump diodes, which are consumables. It must be replaced after about 8,000 to 15,000 machining hours. Compared to fiber laser, YAG laser has a shorter lifetime and is more suitable for metal and coated metal.

Here are some specific parameter comparisons.

What can fiber laser cutting machine?

As mentioned above, the wavelength of CO2 laser and solid-state laser such as YAG or fiber laser determines that the former is more easily absorbed by non-metals, and can cut non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, PP, organic glass, etc. with high quality, while the latter is not easily absorbed by non-metals. Moreover, the wavelengths of the two differ by an order of magnitude, which greatly increases the flexibility of fiber laser processing.

But both CO2 and YAG laser are helpless when encountering highly reflective materials such as copper and pure aluminum. It always fail to cut a highly reflective material using CO2 laser anyway, because the power or beam transmitted to the material will be reflected back. The YAG laser is only used for thin plate cutting below 8mm.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine does not have these limitations.

However, Senfeng does not recommend using fiber laser for long-term cutting of highly reflective materials. The so-called high reflection has little to do with the smoothness of the cutting surface of the sheet, mainly because the wavelength of the laser is not within the ideal absorption range of these materials. Most of the energy is reflected back, which is easy to damage the protective lens in front of the laser head. If it is used for a long time, the cutting effect is not as expected, but also increase the consumption of consumables.

In the same way, fiber laser cutting equipment cannot process non-metals such as fabrics, leather, and stones, and the advantages of non-metal cutting are not obvious.

What are the advantages of fiber laser?

Compared with previous solid-state laser, fiber laser has tons of advantages.

1. Great beam quality

The waveguide structure of the fiber determines that the fiber laser is easy to obtain single transverse mode output, and is less affected by external factors, which can achieve high-brightness laser output.

2. High efficiency

Its electro-optical conversion efficiency reaches 30%, which is several times higher than that of traditional laser cutting machine, while the comprehensive operating cost is only 15% of traditional laser cutter.

3. Excellent heat dissipation

Fiber laser uses slender rare-earth element fiber as laser gain media, which has a very large surface area to volume ratio. It is about 1000 times that of traditional solid-state laser, and has a natural advantage in heat dissipation. In the case of medium and low power, no special cooling of the optical fiber is required, and in the case of high power, water cooling is used to effectively avoid the reduction of beam quality and efficiency caused by thermal effects commonly seen in solid-state laser.

4. Compact structure and high reliability

The pump source is also a semiconductor laser that is small in size and easy to be modularized. Combined with Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and other fiber-optic devices, as long as these devices are welded to each other, all-fiber lasers can be realized. High disturbance immunity and high stability can save your maintenance time and expense.

What are the disadvantages of fiber laser?

Every coin has two sides. Here are a few disadvantages of fiber laser.

1. The price is higher.

Fiber laser production and development costs and spare parts costs are much higher than other lasers.

2. Due to the small core of the fiber, its single pulse energy is very small compared to solid-state lasers.

3. Limitations on cutting sheet materials.

Usually only limited to the field of metal processing, and it is unlikely to make a difference in non-metal processing, such as plastic, paper or cloth.

What is the maximum thickness that the fiber laser cutting machine can cut?

Different power cutting devices have different production effects. Take a look at the table below to learn more about each fiber laser cutter.

In the process of practical application, the cutting ability of fiber laser cutting equipment is also related to the quality of the cutting machine, laser type, cutting environment, cutting speed and other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve a certain cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard to judge its cutting thickness. For example, the cutting of carbon steel mainly relies on oxygen combustion, and the cutting of stainless steel mainly depends on power. Generally, a 1000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plates with a thickness of about 10mm, and stainless steel plates are slightly more difficult to cut. To increase the cutting thickness, it is at the expense of the edge effect and speed.

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