Trilye Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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Introducing Nova Vera Trilye Early Harvest, crafted from the finest Trilye olives grown in the Manisa region. Hand-picked and milled within just 3-4 hours, this premium olive oil is a true expression of quality and freshness.

Free fatty acidity value is at most 0.2%.

At every stage of production, temperature measurements are taken at 6 points to ensure that the paste remains below 22°C. By following the principles of early harvest and cold extraction, the phenolic components naturally present in the olives are transferred to the oil at the highest level, resulting in a flavor that is truly exceptional.

It's no surprise that Nova Vera Trilye Early Harvest is a frequent award-winner, selected as the country's best olive oil in international competitions held in Los Angeles, Italy, New York, Greece, Spain, and Japan. And every year, this special flavor is included in the prestigious Flos Olei catalog.

Savor the taste of excellence with every drop of Nova Vera Trilye Early Harvest. Try it today and taste the difference!

All products produced in Novavera are stored in a maximum range of 18°C to 20°C in a special air conditioning warehouse.

The characteristic features of Trilye Early Harvest Olive Oil are fresh grass, artichoke, tomato leaves, arugula and green fresh herbs.

Storage Conditions:

You can store your olive oil in a cool place away from light and damp at 18°C or in the refrigerator. Do not pierce the can so that it preserves its freshness in the best possible way.

Acidity Rate: 0,25
Harvest Time: Harvest Early
Pressing Type: Cold Pressed
Packaging Type: Glass Bottle
Volume: 500 ml
Region: Salihli
Density: Intensive
Production Season: 2023-2024


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