Ayvalık Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 lt

Available from NovaveraTurkey


Nova Vera Ayvalık Early Harvest is a masterpiece crafted from the finest olives grown in our Ayvalık groves, where the perfect Mediterranean climate and fertile white soils ensure premium quality.

Free fatty acidity value is at most 0.5%.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every step of the production process. We use the latest technology to measure temperature at 6 points and ensure that it stays below 22°C, preserving the high levels of antioxidants in our oil.

Our Ayvalık Early Harvest is made from olives picked at their optimal ripeness and cold-pressed at our facility within just four hours. The result is a subtle blend of beautiful tomato and apple notes, with smooth, delicate flavors that dance on your palate.

By fully embracing the principles of early harvest and cold-pressed processing, we are able to transfer the phenolic components naturally found in the olive fruit to our oil at the highest possible level. Experience the difference with every drop of Nova Vera Ayvalık Early Harvest!

Characteristic features of Ayvalık Early Harvest Olive Oil are tomatoes, tomato leaves, grass and green fresh herbs.

Storage Conditions:

You can store your olive oil in a cool place away from light and damp. Do not pierce the can so that it preserves its freshness in the best possible way.

Acidity Rate: 0,5
Harvest Time: Harvest Early
Pressing Type: Cold Pressed
Packaging Type: Tin
Volume: 5 lt
Region: Ayvalık
Density: Light
Production Season: 2023-2024


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