Medicine Drug Photostability Test Chamber/Stability Storage Chambers - Ultraviolet Light


JOEO is a famous pharmaceutical stability chambers manufacturer in China. Since its establishment, JOEO environmental chamber, pharmaceutical stability test chambers,environmental stability chamber, thermal shock chambers, Drug photostability test chamber,and aging chamber have been exported to countries such as Russia, Europe, the United States, Canada, etc.


JOEO light stability chambers, photostability test chamber, comprehensive drug light stability test chamber (with ultraviolet monitoring and control), on the basis of the original MSC-THLPTHLTL comprehensive temperature stability chamber to increase the monitoring and control of visible light and ultraviolet light, is the necessary equipment for pharmaceutical and cosmetic enterprises to carry out GMP certification. Meet the optical stability chamber conditions in ICH guidelines. It is suitable for pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out accelerated test, long-term test, high humidity test and strong light exposure test on drugs and new drugs. It is the best choice for drug stability testing by pharmaceutical companies.


• The lighting system can choose from shelf lighting system or exterior door lighting system, including visible light tubes and ultraviolet tubes. It can control visible light tubes and ultraviolet tubes separately. It can also choose single or double layer visible light tubes or ultraviolet rays.

• Breaking through the shortcomings of existing pharmaceutical stability chambers, which cannot display and monitor irradiance, reduces the attenuation of irradiance caused by aging of visible and ultraviolet light tubes, leading to errors in drug stability testing. The light intensity can also be adjusted steplessly according to the user's testing requirements. We also provide visible and ultraviolet light measurement probes with light sensors, as well as third-party certified irradiance monitors for user observation and calibration.

• Professional UV lamps meet the requirements of the Q1B new API and ICH new formula for photostability testing. Compared with other ultraviolet lamps, it has the characteristics of stable quality and uniform spectral power, and the spectral power distribution of the light source does not change with the lamp. Aging can lead to attenuation, and the advantage is that more test results can be repeated.

• Microcomputer controller: stable, accurate, and reliable control. Made of 304 stainless steel inner liner, with four corners and a semicircle shape, easy to clean and operate.

• Two sets of imported compressors automatically switch to ensure long-term continuous operation of drug testing without any faults. Breakthrough the disadvantage of domestic drug testing rooms being unable to operate continuously for a long time.

• Continuous operation does not require defrosting to avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations in the storage tank during use.

• Key components such as temperature and humidity controllers, compressors, and circulating fans are all imported products, which have the characteristics of long-term continuous operation, stability, safety, and reliability.

• Programmable touch screen controller, large screen touch screen, simple screen operation, convenient program editing, controller operation interface available in both Chinese and English versions. Real time running chart can be displayed on the screen.

• Its capacity is 100 sets of 1000 segments and 999 cycles. The maximum value is set to 99 hours and 59 minutes per session.

• Equipped with P.I.D automatic calculation function, it can immediately correct changes in temperature and humidity, making temperature and humidity control more accurate and stable.

• Through the RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, you can design programs on the computer, monitor the testing process, and perform functions such as switches.

• When the test box malfunctions, the dynamic display will display fault information, and the operational faults of the test box are clear at a glance.

• It can be connected to a printer or 485 communication interface. It can record temperature and time curves using computers and printers, providing strong guarantees for data storage and playback during the testing process.


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