Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker (Air-Cooled Shaker)


Shaker test equipment Sinusoidal excitation force range: 1kN ~ 70kN
Vibration shaker system support 2-times-sine shock force (3 times customized)
JOEO shaker systems design with Random to sinusoidal excitation force ratio 1:1
Displacement peak-to-peak value of 25mm, 40mm; 51 mm, 76mm or 100mm
Vibration slip table is completely air-cooled

OEO vibration shaker innovative manufacturers of Air Cooled vibration test machine. With random sine force ratings from 1kN to 70 kN and maximum payloads from 70kg to as much as 1000kg.
All air-cooled shaker vibration can be mounted on a single integrated base with a slip table to meet customers test conditional demanding for vibration table testing. JOEO electromagnetic shaker also provides turn-key solutions including combined climatic chamber, head expanders and fixtures meet your test requirements.
Air-cooled vibration shaker table are used to test a wide range of products in a variety of industries. Typical test applications include the development and screening of electronic hardware, such as relays, circuit boards,power supplies,monitors, filters,transmitters,disk drives, receivers, portable computers, CD drives,cellular phones, printers, pagers, other computer and communications products. In the automotive industry, those Air-cooled vibration testing shaker table type is used to test components such as alternators, starters, batteries, instrument packs, ignition switches, engines, and suspension components.


• Sinusoidal excitation force range: 1kN ~ 70kN
• Random to sinusoidal excitation force ratio 1:1
• 2-times-sine shock force (2 times accept customzied)
• Can be completed in X, Y, Z three-axis sinusoidal vibration test and broadband random vibration tests
• Be completed by the classical (half - sine, trapezoidal, sawtooth wave) pulse and shock response spectrum test
• Displacement peak-to-peak value of 25mm, 40mm; 51 mm, 76mm or 100mm
• Lightweight armature with optimized design and good vibration-resistant performance with excellent vibration isolation with the air spring at the trunnion position
• High weight bearing capacity of center air spring support and good low-frequency performance
• Equipped with an automatic centering system, to ensure the armature is always in a balanced position during movement
• Double magnetic circuit design with low flux leakage and uniform magnetic field
• Sine, Random and Shock etc. test function capabilities
• Perfect cooling effect and low-noise blower

Control System or Oscillator Required:

In addition to the compact vibration generator and power amplifier unit, a vibration control system or function generator, accelerometer and charge amplifier may be required for your application. An optional oscillator is available for the power amplifier unit. As for details, please contact our sales department.


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