Atalay Walnut Table

Available from Ravilla MobilyaTurkey


• We can produce the table you want, in the dimensions and models you want, specially for you.

• Since prices vary according to sizes and foot models, you can get price information quickly by clicking the ORDER NOW link or by contacting us by phone.

• This table you will buy from us is one of the best quality natural wood tables in Turkey. We are one of Turkey’s highest quality natural wood table, coffee table and walnut wood chair manufacturers.

• We love our job, we have a very good team spirit as all employees and we will happily produce this table for you. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with our quality and service.

• Since it is a special production and handmade, there are no exchanges or returns. However, our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

• Since wood is a natural material, every product is unique and unique in the world, since its color tones and veins are different from each other. For this reason, there will be vein and color differences in the visuality of all wooden furniture. But the designs will be exactly the same.

Technical Information:

• The woods used in the production of this table were dried under 8% humidity with great care and attention in the timber drying kilns working with Solar Heat, which is the first of its kind in Turkey.

• Woods dried below 8% humidity do not easily crack, warp and are not exposed to worming.

• One of the world’s best quality natural wood oils and glues has been used in the making of this table.

• The wood used in the construction of this table was produced only from trees cut in October and March. Since the trees cut down in these months have a minimum amount of water, the wood of this table is longer lasting, does not worm easily, the surface color is very vivid, the glue sticks the wood more firmly.

• Since we use the hex system in the assembly of the legs of this table, you can assemble it very easily and quickly.

• In order to use this table for a lifetime, be sure to read the user manual after you assemble your table. The user manual will come with your desk.

Shipping & Packaging:

• The packaging of this desk is very solidly made as a wooden case. It is not easily damaged during transportation.

• Before this table is sent to you, photos of the table and its packaging will be sent to you and your approval will be obtained. After your approval, your table will be shipped.

• Since cargo companies usually damage products, we send your orders to your door with warehouses or small special vehicles. In this way, your orders are not easily damaged. In addition, your delivery reaches you in a shorter time.

• Deliveries are made up to the front of the building by warehouse or special vehicles. If you want delivery inside the building, delivery is made with Horoz Logistics and this delivery period may take 7-20 days.


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