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Ravilla Table Chair is a brand of Karacalar Group Company. The company was founded by two brothers who love and have experince about the wood since their childhood. The borthers have been doing forest products business for more than 10 years and they have an experience of international trade business with more than 40 countries. The company is targeting international markets and growing more every next year with its unique desings and quality products.

Ravilla has 8.000 sqm production facility, 1200 sqm showroom and 5 wood drying solar kilns. The company dries its wood under %8 moisture and uses the best quality wood to manufacture the best quality of natural wood furniture. In order to manufacture good quality natural wooden furniture, the company is using walnut, cedar (cedrus libani), juniper, ash, iroko. mappa burl, elm and olive wood species which are durable and have beautiful textures. Natural wood oil is used on surfaces of our furniture which is the best oil in the world. With this wood oil, you can feel the natural texture of the furniture. We are also using one of the best quality glue to make sure that our glued woods will last very long years.


As Karacalar Group, we believe that a sustainable success can only be achieved with customer satisfaction and loyalty; In our company, the feeling of trust, respect, reputation, love of people and nature are always prioritized over material parameters. Emphasis is placed on establishing long-term relationships with our customers that will benefit both parties, and we act in this direction in every production to be realized, as per our company policy. With our quality team that accompanies our reputation and experience, each one of them is more successful than the previous one.


Our goal with the brand of Ravilla is to be an internationally recognized natural wood furniture brand and to gain reputation of our customers. We also know that long term success comes with good quality products, customer service, technology, customer satisfaction, honesty and devotion.


• We are one of the best companies that produce the highest quality wooden tables and walnut wooden chairs in Turkiye.

• The quality of our products is appreciated in countries such as The USA, Canada, Norway, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and more.

• How many companies have you seen, where their employees are both experienced and in love with their work? As a manufacturer, we are both professionals in our business and we are truly in love with our business.

• By doing R&D studies with a university in the USA, we built Turkiye’s first solar wood drying kilns and we are able to dry wood in these kilns with very high quality.

• We use one of the best quality wood glue and wood oil in the world.

• We select the best quality timbers to use in our furniture manufacturing. In order to get the maximum quality from the trees, we only use the timber of the trees that are cut in certain seasons.

• After waiting for a certain period of time, our timbers are ready for furniture manufacturing by reducing their humidity to 6-8% in wood drying kilns. If the wood is not very well dried, furniture will have cracking, warping, rotting problems and the wood does not glue very well.

• By separating each of the parts of the tree, we use the right parts of woods in making right furniture. Not every piece of furniture is made of any part of wood and species.

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