Ultra Gentle Shampoo - Keratin + Wheat Protein

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Our gentle formula cleanses and nourishes their coat, leaving it soft and shiny. Your child will love the spa-like experience, and you'll love how fresh and clean they look and feel. It is suitable to all skin types.

• Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
• Keratin
• Organic Lavender Oil


It is formulated in accordance with the skin PH of dogs and cats. While it offers a delicate cleaning experience to the hairs with its rich content, it supports healthy hair growth with the intense nourishing keratin and wheat protein it contains. The organic lavender oil in its content provides a relaxing effect after the bath and leaves a clean and pure scent on the hairs.


A small amount of shampoo is used with a small amount of water before washing, spread all over the hair, mixed homogeneously on the hairs and rinsed with plenty of water.


• Wheat Protein -> Provides care without separating the skin from its natural lipids (oils) + maintains the moisture balance of the hairs
• Keratin -> Repairs wear, nourishes and strengthens the hair from the inside + helps the hair to remove dead cells, giving smoothness and softness to the hair surface.
• Organic Lavender Oil -> Has a relaxing feature thanks to its aromatic feature + Protects the skin from the effects of free radicals

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