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Born in Istanbul in 1994, the daughter of two academician veterinarians, Nihan started her communication with animals at a young age. She successfully completed her undergraduate education in the Department of Chemistry at Istanbul Technical University, and continued to improve herself with her research and readings by taking courses in cosmetic chemistry. She has been continuing her professional working life in corporate companies for more than 5 years.
Mikey is a 2-year-old cotton candy Maltipoo. His mother adopted him from a sweet couple who had to leave abroad and they have been an inseparable couple ever since.
This relationship, which they established based on love and trust from the first day they met, continued to increase day by day.


The foundations of our brand were laid when our founder Nihan adopted 1-year-old Mikey in February 2022. It is the wish of every mother to provide the best conditions for her child. With the same motivation, Nihan started branding activities with the aim of ensuring that all our furry children, especially Mikey, can reach clean and organic products.
Woofie products have emerged as a result of the long and meticulous work of our R&D team, including formulation experts and our founder. Pure and nourishing active ingredients suitable for the skin types of our furry friends are preferred. While making these choices, academic studies with proven results were taken as basis.


Woofie, every furry child he touches; was established to provide care with clean, gentle, organic and nutritious ingredients. While providing this, it has been designed with sustainable content and packaging solutions without forgetting its responsibility towards nature.
Woofie aims to increase the daily comfort of our hairy children and contribute to a better quality of life with its gentle formula, which is powered by organic aroma therapeutic oils and specially designed for the sensitive skin of our furry children.


Woofie recommends that when choosing care products for their children, parents should meet with products with clean ingredients for the needs of the child, not products that serve their own comfort. Let's not forget that;

- every perfume we buy because its scent satisfies us,
- any shampoo containing harsh cleaning agents that foams quickly and provides ease of washing,
- Any wet wipes that are not specially designed for pets, which disrupt the skin PH balance and are easy to use,
While it makes our lives easier as parents, it may be stealing from our children. It is in our hands to give them the quality life they deserve...

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